200 Black Singles Dating Washington DC Camping Trip

Black Singles Dating Washington DC camping trips are very fun.  Of course, a tent is an essential item to have for this activity.  A good $ 100 tent should have enough room for you to stand up in comfortably.  When buying a tent, make sure to read the set up instructions before making a purchase.  There is no point in having a tent that takes you an hour after dark to assemble.

You might also want to bring a canopy along on your dating black camping adventure.  On very hot summer days, a light colored canopy will keep your tent from overheating underneath of the sun.  It will also help prevent rain from coming through the top of the tent if it showers.  You can get a nice, cool white one for about $ 40.

When it comes to Black Singles Dating Washington DC outside lighting, you should have an LED headlamp.  These are great because you do not have to keep pointing a flashlight around.  Plus, you do not have to fidget for the flashlight in the middle of the dark, and you can just look right outside your tent if you hear a scary noise.  For under $ 20, you can get a 75 foot beam light that lasts 190 hours.

For cooking a nice black dating dinner, bring along a portable grill.  You can get a charcoal style grill to cook with from any retail store, like Wal-Mart or Target for an inexpensive price ($ 15 on average).  Instead of hauling around charcoal, just find some sticks in the woods.  Lay stones in the bottom of the grill, catch the sticks on fire, and it works just the same as charcoal would.

Lastly, do not forget the backpack.  You can get a dependable waterproof pack for about $ 25 at a department store such as JCPenney or Macy’s.  Make sure it has side pockets for your water bottle, emergency shake light, and other essentials.  The inside should fit a change of clothes, trail mix and energy bars, two more bottles of water, and a small blanket.  Remember to grab one with inside Black Singles Dating Washington DC pockets to store your utility knife and matches.

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