8 Things To Do When Meeting Your Partner?s Parents

No matter how in love you are with your partner, meeting his or her parents may be a nightmare you just don’t want to play out in real life. It is a nail-biting event where the pressure to please and make a splendid first impression can truly make for some excruciatingly unforgettable moments. However, it doesn’t really have to be that way! Keep in mind that your partner’s parents are very eager to meet the person who charmed their son or daughter and may even go to certain lengths just to make you feel comfortable.

 Use these pointers when meeting the ‘rents, and your first get-together might just turn into one happy, memorable occasion you, your partner and your future in-laws can look back to!

1. Dress Appropriately
Without a doubt, what you wear will make an impact on your partner’s parents when you first meet up with them. Showing up in tattered jeans and an old t-shirt probably wouldn’t do the trick unless you want them to think that you’re a homeless person their son and daughter just picked up for the sake of charity. The key in choosing what to wear is to tailor your fashion style according to the tastes of the older people without compromising comfort and flair. Think about what your parents or grandparents would like to see you in, and then blend it with your own personal style.

2. Be On Time
Nobody likes a late-comer, so make sure you show up early for your meeting. Ditch the urge to spend hours choosing what to wear, piling up on those make-up, or rehearsing your Mister/Miss Goody-Two Shoes lines for the last time. You partner’s parents might be too excited to meet you, so don’t spoil it by showing up late.
 3. Bring A Gift
When you are meeting the parents for the first time, it would be nice to bring a gift like a bottle of wine, a bag of goodies, a bunch of flowers or a fruit basket. Be creative with your present and keep in mind that anything homemade always scores big.
4. Be Courteous
Today, a lot of people are giving manners the cold shoulder, but don’t be one of them especially when you’re meeting the parents of your partner. Believe it or not, something as basic as saying “please” and “thank you”, opening the door for them or letting them take the most comfortable place to sit in, can actually make a huge difference on the impression that you are trying to create. Mind your table manners as well.

5. Go Easy On The PDA
Love really is grand and showing it through actions like holding hands, cuddling and kissing is part of a healthy relationship. However, your partner’s parents probably don’t want to see you fawn all over their child. Think about it, it’s awkward enough to watch people you don’t know being tremendously affectionate in public, how much more if it’s your son or daughter involved. Be respectful of your partner’s parents by keeping your hands to yourself. After all, you should focus on your interactions with them anyway.
6. Be A Good Listener
Older people have gone through a lot in life and lived to tell the tales, so give them the chance to share it with you. It may be about their cinema-worthy love story, the hilarious antics your partner used to do while he or she was a lot younger or their collection of stuffed animals back home. Whatever it is, tell them that you would love to hear it. They would be more than delighted to have someone act as their audience plus you also get the chance to know them a little bit better. Score!
7. Be Modest
Your partner’s parents might interrogate you a lot in this gathering but don’t make a conscious effort of hoarding the spotlight to yourself! Never brag about your achievements and the incredible stuff you have done in your life, especially when they didn’t ask. Every once in a while, ask them questions about themselves. This would make them feel important and get the impression that you are genuinely interested in meeting them.
8. Be Complimentary
We all want to be complimented and your partner’s parents are no exception. If you find something particularly nice, feel free to say so. If you like the jewelry your partner’s mom, tell her. If you think your partner’s dad is a great storyteller, tell him. It’s a great way to start a conversation and lightens the atmosphere. Just make sure that they are sincere though, unless you want to come off as a fake.
Meeting the parents of your partner doesn’t really have to be frightening. Just be the most awesome, politest, kindest version of yourself and you will do just fine. You can’t really make them love you instantly, but at least leave them with a great impression that will last for a long time.


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