A Glass of Red Wine for Christian Singles Washington DC

Common knowledge insists that alcohol destroys the brain cells of Christian Singles Washington DC.  New research, however, tells us that “hitting the sauce” every night could actually benefit the mind in the long run.  Neurologists everywhere are entertaining this idea yet remain skeptical, so don’t uncork a bottle of Pinot just yet. 

One theory is that moderate drinking for Christian singles stresses out brain cells just shy of destroying them.  A daily alcoholic workout could make the cells more fit, slowly preparing them for the inevitable stress of aging.  Another idea suggests that the blood-thinning effects of booze improves the blood flow to the brain, increasing the brain’s metabolism over time.  The Stritch School of Medicine at Loyola University Chicago has been putting these ideas to the test since 1977.  After 143 studies, they have linked a glass of red wine a day to a happy and healthier brain by reducing the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease by a solid 23%.  Although these studies were not evidence enough to get doctors’ orders, they still gave modern medicine a lead to work with and a reason for further investigation.

Red wine has been called a plethora of nick names–  The Blood of Christ, Christian Singles Washington DC, Liquid Courage, poetry in a bottle.  It would be wonderful to add “Brain Elixir” or “Cure for dementia” to the list, but would it be accurate?  Well, not exactly.  It’s about as accurate as saying blueberries and dark chocolate will ward off cancer.  Slight exaggeration, yes, but a few antioxidants never hurt and it turns out a glass of Cabernet has a solution for brains that could use a little detoxification.  In their November issue, the FASEB (Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology) insists that compounds found in Cabernet Sauvignon work wonders on both the mind and body.  A simple lab test and a few thirsty mice gave neurologists a good idea as to how this works.  After serving water, ethanol, and red wine to their furry test subjects they noticed that the mice drinking wine had benefited greatly in comparison to the others.  Their brains were deteriorating at a slower rate.  This would preserve their memory longer and significantly reduce the risk for Alzheimer’s disease.

The compound responsible for this red and delicious miracle is a combination of two substances: resveratrol and sirtuin.  Yes, it sounds more like the inside of a retiree’s medicine cabinet, but hear me out.  Resveratrol, typically found in grapes, and sirtuin, which is produced by calorie restriction and weight loss, join forces, and through their molecular teamwork, they produce a super-compound that makes the brain live longer and the body function like clockwork.  Who knew good health was as easy as grapes and dieting?  The Christian single guys over at FASEB are giving this compound a stamp of approval, with the exception of a few details.  A little daily wine may get the job done for a mouse, but if people want the same effects they require a little extra dosage.  By “extra dosage” they mean about 600 bottles of wine.  Regardless, these qualified researchers and professional buzz-kills still recommend some daily red as part of a healthy diet, active lifestyle, and social assistance. 

Red wine is no magic potion.  Nurse it by the bottle and it will probably just give you a little bloating and a purple mouth.  Pairing a glass or two with a heart-healthy dinner and good Christian Singles Washington DC company will not only ward off Alzheimer’s but any other negative baggage that comes with age.  Cheers to that!

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