A Vacation in Mandarmani


Mandarmani is a beautiful beach resort located in the Purba (east) Midnapore district of South Bengal. Mandarmani boasts of being the longest drive-able beach in India. The 13 km long motor able beach is characterized by hard sand offering the ideal condition to drive on the beach. Mandarmani has recently been developed as a tourist destination of West Bengal and can be seen as an alternative to the popular beach destination of Digha. Sitting in the proximity of Kolkata, Mandarmani is also an idyllic weekend holiday destination.
Tourist who love the sun and the sand but are not very excited about the crowd that can be found any day at a beach would be pleasantly surprised after visiting Mandarmani, as the region not being so prominent among tourist circle offers a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere wherein you can enjoy to your heart’s content at the beaches with the rare luxury of privacy as not many people know about this beautiful region as a result of which the region is not overtly crowded like other tourist destinations of India.
The main attraction of Mandarmani is its long motorable beach apart from that ‘The Delta’ is also a popular tourist attraction. Located at the end of the beach is the delta where the river meets the sea. Other than that the main activities that can be enjoyed at Mandarmani is swimming, relax on the beach, drive on, etc. the only disadvantage of visiting a place not  very popular among tourist circle is that it go to sleep pretty early. After dark the region starts wearing a desolated look and if you get into any kind of trouble you won’t find a single soul to help you out.  Also while in Mandarmani don’t forget to dig in your teeth into the various seafood delicacies widely available in the region.
There are several hotels in Mandarmani that offer great lodging facilities along with a host of services and facilities needed for an enjoyable and comfortable stay. There are also a number of resorts in Mandarmani set in the picturesque locale of the region offering the perfect abode wherein one can just enjoy the beauty of the nature without missing out on the finer points of luxuries modern life has to offer.
Mandarmani developed as the next beach destination of West Bengal boasts of good connectivity to several regions of the state and also rest of the world. The nearest railway station is located at Contai from where jeeps and can be availed. The nearest airspace is located in Kolkata. Apart from that Mandarmani is well connected by means of an all weather road.

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