Any experts on immigration laws and bringing family over? VERY IMPORTANT…?

Question by : Any experts on immigration laws and bringing family over? VERY IMPORTANT…?
Here’s the whole nine yard… My mom who recently lost her husband due to cancer went to Vietnam to visit the family… In the process of one month “vacation” she got phucked by some dumb ass who believe he’s a playa and trying to come to America through marriage method. Another thing is that my mom has money hence it may or may not contribute to why he’s trying to come to America.

Here’s an outline, my mom does all the petitioning behind everyone’s back and doesnt even let the family knows. I already knew it was coming and accidentally picked up a letter that say “The State Department’s National Visa Center has recently received an approved I-129F petition filed on behalf of your fiance. This letter is to let you know that within a week the petition will be forwarded to the appropriate visa-issuing post where your cisa interview will take place. ETC”

Since it’s the first form I-129F, I’m assuming she just started the process. The guy is from Vietnam and he has a history of being in communism during the Vietnam War. I want to use this method to prevent him from coming to US. I’m sure he dont wanta come over for so call love, but my so call mother phucking mom is desperately inlove and afraid she’ll die single at age 45… I have two smaller brother who are still in 9th grade and one is disability… I am the oldest as well as the one who is a father figure for my brothers. With another mofo around my house is not going to be too pleasant… And I doubt he come over for love… The guy probably hear that US is land of opportunity, where there will be a butt cleaning machine that will wipe your butt and u dun even have to touch it after taking a crap.

Any other ways and advices to prevent and eradicate the whole process of this petition, would be great. Hope you can help as I am doing this for my smaller brothers and keep the whole family together. I tried talking to my mother and she’s too stubbornly inlove while she dont know she’s the one that’s being taking advantage of.
I apologize for the inappropriate language. I’m so angry I cant control myself.
stella v, thank you for your reply… Do you have any link available by any chance? I’m really tire of this, I got better things to do than doing this to be honest…

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Answer by stella v.
You will not win this one with your mom. You must think of a way to get her to give you a large portion of her money to set aside for you and the kids. For your safety and the safety of your sibblings, LIE if you have to! I must warn you of the possibility of abuse from this man. You will not be able to reason with your mother. I feel sorry for you and your sibblings. Maybe you could convince your mother to stay there with her boyfriend. She will soon figure it out.

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  • Misis ni KC

    Your mother apparently has all the legal capacity to petition this guy though as a son you have the right to feel this way since you know your mother well than other people.But unfortunately the requirements to file for a fiance visa or K-1 which your Mom filed doesn’t need the consent any of her children.And it is too bad that it is already approved by the USCIS and it is already being forwarded to the US Embassy in Vietnam for the interview of the guy she is petitioning.However, hope is not yet lost for you since the guy will still have to undergo an interview and there are many cases that even if they get approved by the USCIS they don’t get approved during the interview.The US Embassy has the final decision whether to grant the visa or not.The basic requirement of a K-1 visa petition are: they should have met within 2 years prior to petition, they should have a bonafide relationship and both of them must have the legal capacity to marry.If in any of these requirements you know were not satisfied by them maybe you can try sending an email to the US Embassy in Vietnam to alert them of any fraud or falsification.But you must be able to produce a proof on whatever issue you will raise.Another possible step you can do is to ask a relative you trust if you are still a minor and ask for an assistance how to contact a lawyer so you will be able to safeguard whatever assets or money that are due for you, your siblings and your mother. At least, ask for help to legally secure what is duly for you and your siblings.Good luck and I hope you sort it out with your mother.

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