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9 months, many

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Stores have launched a big-budget promotions. With the “gold 9 silver 10″ sales season coming, Ben Bu household appliances industry, competition has become increasingly incandescent.

Business eyes take aim 9, October

“11″ holiday approaching, the major appliance business has long take aim this season, began a grand promotion, a new round of competition fever.


Stone Mountain ring shop, Red Square, Gome stores have opened shop in Stone Mountain pass-way ring, line 100 Department of the refurbishment of the appliance opening. Gome one official said, the major home appliance company in September opened the election that were clearly the Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day are two holidays. Large-scale promotional activities designed to activate the market.

Business focused promotions, fancy the popular holidays, and promotion, there will inevitably affect consumer choice.

It is understood, 9 months, surging flow of major home appliances stores, many consumers expressed willingness to promote the business, when large-scale purchase appliances.

Market is never saturated?

“Only 70 million people in Zhuzhou City, there are seven major appliance store in the competition, which is rare in other second-tier cities.” Strain 100 appliance manager Peng Yongjian said.

Present urban areas Suning, Gome, line 100, Tong Cheng, backgammon, South and Carrefour supermarket seven appliance sales business, but less than two square kilometers in the central square within the scope of the distribution of the five stores. Country before the U.S. flag store and Stone Mountain stores store Suning ring opening, but also have the industry’s competitive situation.

Huangqi Jian, general manager of Suning Appliance in Zhuzhou, said consumer electronics market this year, the Zhuzhou area has around 1.5 billion.

“Stone Mountain store in Zhuzhou affect the size distribution of the second gold piece, we will be open for 5 stores in the city of Zhuzhou.” Backgammon appliance department director, said Pan, Zhuzhou City in the years to open a shop.

Deputy General Manager Liu Yanjun

South Mall also think that the market is unlimited expansion of. The face of the competitive-7 appliances, he said optimistically: “more than the competitive market can be reminders heat, stir the desire of consumers to buy more.”

“Foreign”, “native” PK same city

Suning, Gome, through the three major home appliance store layout process embody a new trend, it is to avoid the central square business circles, and open up new territories.

States United States responsible person, this can promote a more rational and orderly competition. Suning Appliance Huangjing Li smiled and said, now is taking the “encircling the cities” route.

The face of three foreign home appliance giant’s “encroaching”, line 100 appliance department and person in charge of South Mall, said, Zhuzhou market special, blind expansion does not understand market performance, and many stores will bring down the cost of effectiveness, the additional cost ultimately falls on consumers.

Two local businesses that will continue to stand firm in center of business circles, will not shop blind expansion.

Competitive landscape has not finalized

The existing competitive landscape, Tung Cheng Electric Minister Chen said that looking forward to a new shuffle. He believes that competition in Zhuzhou appliance industry is a mature competition.

“Line 100, a single large, have not been strong because of its impact on department stores, once a strong department store Yetai entry, strain 100 bound to face a new restructuring.” Backgammon appliances Peng director also believes that the market Zhuzhou consumption “cycle” will certainly be broken by adding a new household electrical appliance enterprises will gradually share the market.

This, two local companies took a different view.

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