Atlanta Singles Events And Adventures – Review

You may have heard our radio spots playing on the Atlanta airwaves and thought that club sounds like a lot of fun. In fact, we are an entire group of single men and women in the pursuit of fun and we have 42 reasons why you should come join us. We are a singles activities club called Events and Adventures Atlanta and we always have an action packed social calendar from which our members select events to attend. Of the 42 reasons, we keep mentioning there is one event in particular that will cause your body’s adrenaline to pulse and many others will trigger your laughter and those facial muscles that cause you to smile. Would you like to hear more about our activities on tap for March?

Our activities club has the usual singles mingles throughout the month and then we get a few opportunities to practice our dance moves. Yes, we know anyone can host these type events and that is why we threw in a few intense adventures such as when we collaborate with SkyDive Atlanta and do some tandem jumps. Even in death dying pursuits no one in our club ever has to go solo. That is one of the greatest things about joining Events and Adventures -you have meet and make friends with hundreds of other professional men and women in the Atlanta area who happen to share your single marital status.

In addition to our skydiving trip we are also going bowling, playing street hockey, doing some jazzercise and glass fusing, and we also plan to give a bit back to our community when we team up with the Atlanta Food Bank. Our club members are community minded and often the club partners with local organizations to lend a hand to the less fortunate. Activities such as these allow us to appreciate the lives we lead and our efforts hopefully make a difference to those not quite as fortunate as ourselves.

One last activity we want to tell you about is rather unique on its face. Events and Adventures Atlanta is spending at Agatha’s Mystery Dinner theatre for dinner, laughs and to solve the murder and witness the latest play titled, “Graves Anatomy”. Our members have been to Agatha’s several times in the past and we always have an excellent meal and lots of genuine entertainment. We love going as a group and you will too if you join us.

Its time you got to know us a bit better. Check us out on the Internet at or phone us at 888-600-5999 for more information.

Events and Adventures Atlanta club acts as a professional event planner, co-ordinating and hosting activities, events and travel adventures for our members to participate.

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