Bedroom Decorating Ideas For Singles

So you just decided to live independently and are now renting a flat all by yourself. You want to make it the best ever thing that comes close to home. Problem is, you don’t know where to begin. And even if your bedroom has always been your favorite place on earth, you still don’t know how to make one for yourself because mom always did that for you since time immemorial. If that just happens to be, by far, your biggest problem since deciding to be man or woman of the world, don’t panic. There’s a way around it. And you don’t have to call mom, that’s for sure.

First of all, you’re going to need a bed for your bedroom. These days, a platform bed is quite a hit because it’s cheap and it offers the best sleeps yet. Since these beds will be needing a mattress without the box springs, you can expect firmer and evener support against your back which should now translate to better sleep ever. Besides, platform beds are so versatile you can think of them as a canvas with which to have everything else in your room fit perfectly. That’s because when it comes to versatility in design, platform beds are unmatched.

You will, of course, want that bed to be only in the right spot. It’s going to be the star of the show, the center of attraction, so you don’t want it making the wrong impressions by being awkwardly positioned. The standard is, the first wall you see upon entering your room is the wall against which to put your bed. This is the common way to do it and the only exception is if the space between that first wall you see and the door is not comfortable enough for the bed to fit and for you to be moving about. In this case, you can have the next main wall of the room. Surely, this would work.

With your bed in place, you’ll want to play it up now so you can start getting a feel of how the room is going to serve you when you’re done decorating it. And when it comes to playing up a bed, beddings are all there are. Sheets, comforters, blankets and pillows would all look great when they’re layered on the bed as if to give you a nice, obliging tease each time you walk right back into your room after a long and tiring day.

When it comes to beddings, colors make them. Quality is granted because no interior designer needs to tell you to get the best quality you can. But colors will be up to you so make sure you get those that flow right into each other. You can even experiment with seemingly opposed hues but which just might end up cool together. Again, experiment. There should be no end to exploring what works best for you.

And then, with your well made-up bed crying for some nice accessories, you should do exactly that. Get the accessories. These may include a nightstand or two, definitely a lamp, a carpet, a TV, perhaps, and, of course, framed photos that add that perfect homey feeling to make your bedroom a true sanctuary.

Another nice addition you may consider for your bedroom might be a bedroom furniture dresser or any modern, traditional, or transitional bedroom furniture accessory you can take a liking for as you scan through your many choices available in all showrooms, physical and virtual.

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