Best places to meet single women

Here are the very best places to meet single women, they will appear so usual to you, yet most guys will never think of meeting single women there.

Usually, when you ask a guy about the best places to meet single women, he will reply with something like a club or a coffee shop. . .

I have nothing against these places, I think they are really great to meet women in general, but I think that you are going to find a lot of competition there from other men, and this will in turn make women highly annoyed and nearly rejecting any guy who dare approach them.

The places I’m going to give you here don’t have such issues, in fact, what you are going to find is a bunch of women who will be very open to your approaches and would even be looking for you.


Then, let’s start with the first best place to meet single women, which is social events.

Social events like a wedding, a birthday party, a house party . . .

I’m not talking here about those kinds of parties where you are going to find lots of alcohol and no parental watch!!!

No, I’m talking about adult parties, where there are lots of good foods some music and nice people.

You may think that there will not be lots of single women, there, but the truth is that any woman who is single and looking will be there, looking great and ready.

In such a place, your strategy to meet single women should be like this: you see a good looking single woman, you make sure she is single and you find a reason to go talk to her.

Here are some of the best reasons to go talk to a woman in a party:

You would like to know her drink

You ask if she is from the family of the bride or the groom

You want to know what the title of the song is

You want to know the name of the person she was talking to because you “forgot”

. . .

The next best place to meet single women is your work

I’m sure that you’ve already thought of this one and probably of some woman working under the same roof as you, however, you don’t know if it would be appropriate or not.

Well, the easiest way is to do this: find a woman you really know well and ask her if she knows any single women.

Trust me, you might find this technique a little bit old fashion, but it does work absolutely great and women love to play the match makers.

The third place to meet single women is a book shop.

Again, you need to know for sure if she is single or not, the best way is to go ask her.


Not the least, just find a reason to go talk to her, the title of a book , a good book to read, a story to pass time with . . . and tell her that you found her beautiful and that’s why you started talking to her, then ask her if she is single.

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