Can someone help me with this physics equation?

Question by steve paisley: Can someone help me with this physics equation?
“Boy and girl start out 60m apart. Boy walks toward girl at 2m/s while girl runs toward boy at 3m/s. Where and when do they meet?”

I have tried numerous things… my paper is filthy with equations and data… but every single one of them leads me only halfway, I can’t seem to get a straight answer…

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Answer by poetinmotion
did you try it as an algebra equation? I suck at math, but try using variables. i.e. girl (2m/s)(X)=60m and (3m)(X)=60m for the boy and subract? I could be Totally off…

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  • Pilosopong Tasyo

    You only use one equation here. That distance = rate x time or d = (r)*(t)

    Now, when they both meet, their time is the same. Obviously, the girl would probably have traveled farther. So if the girl traveled y meters then boy must traveled 60-y meters.

    If you got the equation right, you should get 12 seconds. I leave the where to you.


    let t = time (in seconds) the boy and girl meets
    2t = distance boy walked to meet the girl
    60 – 3t = distance girl walked to meet the boy

    and when they meet they are at the same location so the two equations are equal therefore:

    2t = 60-3t
    2t + 3t = 60
    5t = 60
    t = 12

    boy meets girl 12 seconds later at 2*12 = 24 meters
    or girl meets boy at 60 – (3*12) = 24

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