Cleveland Professional Singles Dating Has Changed My Life

In the office  there is really very little time to get to know some of
the singles I interact with on a business level.  There are just too
many deadlines and urgent things to attend to, and this is just a
reflection of life in the fast lane for many Cleveland single

I like to do volunteer work on weekends, and I go to many schools and
community outreach events that are enjoyable but also hard work to
coordinate.  Most of the coordinators are married professionals, and
there are very few Cleveland professional singles like me who actually
attend these things regularly.  The ones I’ve met are already seeing
someone special, so that rules out that angle!

I finally decided to try out a dating service when one of the charity
events fell through and a new date was still being determined for two
months later.  I decided it was time to get to know some Cleveland
professional singles who may want to date me, and perhaps if things
work out they can get to know me better.

I stumbled across this one dating service that actually arranges dates
to charitable events, and I found this intriguing. The work that goes
into charity events is so extensive, how on earth would they find
Cleveland area singles willing to go on a date together there?
Curious, I signed up and sat back to see what happened.

By the weekend, I was all set up to attend a business charity event
that was being held by a major league corporation – so it began to
make sense.  I was to attend this thing with my date as one of many

potential donors, not as a volunteer!   Well, that was very creative,
and I was beginning to really like the idea – apparently my date Sam
was always signing up for stuff like this along with other Cleveland
single professionals.

All in all, the event was great, and I gave my donation as well as my
Sam’s rather large and generous one!  Apparently, I had landed me a
date with an executive member of the board of the same corporation
holding the event – and his passion for charity is as strong as mine.
Our calendars are now in sync and we’re busy up until the summer!

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