Come Try Singles Washington DC and Meet Amazing People

If you’re not seriously dating someone right now then you must try Singles Washington DC. It can be extremely difficult to meet people in this city because not only does everyone all lead busy lives, but the club and bar scene can get old and make some people feel nervous and vulnerable.


Professionals in the City hosts hundreds of events a year and all are geared toward single meeting singles. We host events that range from holiday parties, Salsa and Ballroom dancing classes, exotic trips abroad, wine tasting, cooking classes held by world renowned chefs, hikes, sporting events and our most popular event is speed dating, where singles meet each other in a comfortable, well organized environment.


We also host events suited toward specific religions, age groups, different sexualities, ethnic backgrounds, and general interests. You can’t go wrong by trying a Singles Washington DC event.


The latest trend in looking for your love match has been online singles sights. We’re not saying that there haven’t been success stories from these sites, but more often than not you’ll end up disappointed and let down. Very often people misrepresent themselves in their profiles and post pictures that seriously misrepresent themselves. This is basically a manipulation to get you to go out on a date with them and then after you arrive, ten minutes into the date you want to run for the hills!


With Singles Washington DC, hosted by Professionals in the City, you’ll have the opportunity to meet a group of singles face to face. Plus, there will be other men or women to socialize with if you’re initially nervous. But our speed dating events, for example, are run by a well-trained staff to make sure everyone is relaxed and that the event is seamlessly organized.

So give it a try. We’re sure you’ll find an event you’ll want to attend!


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