Conversation Starters in a Singles Cruise

Whether you’re hoping to gain new friends or looking for romance, joining a singles cruise is a great way to meet people. You’re going to run into many people on such cruises, maybe even the “one,” but you’ll never know for sure unless you contact an agency that has had plenty of experience with planning singles cruises. Look for a travel agency that specializes in singles travel, one that offers unique and exclusive activities just for your group.

Dinner events arranged by certain singles cruise agencies are especially geared towards this task. You and your new tablemates will have the opportunity to dine separately from the rest of the travelers, and be able to get to know each other better. Here are some tips for dinner chats.

Talk about the food. For many, food is a wonderful experience while on a cruise. People often like to talk about food, something many find comfort in. Take this opportunity to comment about the food you’re served, how it was prepared, and its taste. If it’s a buffet, you can recommend a particularly savory dish. They may even share their own likes and dislikes in the process.

Tell them about your hobbies or talk about their interests. Many people on a hosted singles cruise like to talk about the things they do. A great conversation starter would be to ask about the other person’s hobbies and interests. You can also volunteer your own. This is also a good opportunity to find out if you have something in common.

Don’t try too hard. Single travel participantsare often sensitive to people who are showing off..

The other person will likely tune you out, and might check their watch to see just how long they have been talking to you. It’s perfectly fine to talk about your achievements in life, but don’t dwell too much on your baseball prowess or the public speaking award you won in college.

Avoid the so-called “forbidden topics.” During your first encounter with people on single vacations, you might want to avoid getting into debate that tends to be controversial or political. A healthy, intellectual discussion will do your mind good, but don’t jump into such topics unless you’re absolutely sure it’s acceptable to the person you’re talking to.

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