Dating After She Cheated on You – Advice For Singles From the Movie Old School

She cheated on you!? Whether it was with your friend or with strange men she met on the internet, as in the movie Old School, getting cheated on is an awful, painful situation.

The most important factor in any relationship is trust, and when she cheats on you, you can literally feel that trust that you once had dissolving away, being replaced with anger, resentment, and distrust.

If you’re like Luke Wilson’s character in Old School, you may deal with your pain by drinking a whole lot of booze at a friend’s wedding or party. This isn’t uncommon. It’s normal to feel like everything is crashing down for you. Thankfully for Luke Wilson’s character, he shared his story with a pretty lady who could empathize with his situation. He spilled coffee all over her dress and was obscenely drunk, but his honesty with her later resulted in the two of them getting together.

So – What have we learned from this short anecdote? Although life usually doesn’t imitate Hollywood movies, we can learn that when somebody cheats on you, you can continue on or you can try to work things out. Wilson’s character moved on, met women at weddings and parties, and was crowned the leader of the fraternity he helped set up.

This is an extreme example, and I don’t suggest that you take your dating advice from Will Ferrell movies. Streaking through the quad will not attract women, and please don’t hook up with underage girls, it’s illegal. What I want you to take away from this movie is the behavior of Luke Wilson’s character and his ability to find brand new interests and leave his cheating girlfriend behind. He was in a very difficult situation, coming home from a business trip to find his girlfriend cheating on him with several strangers, but through the help and support of his friends and through exploring new activities, he pulled through.

If you need help pulling through a troubled relationship, or if you’re wondering if it’s worth saving your relationship or not, you need to investigate further and find your answers.

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