Dating For Single Parents – The Role Your Kids and the Other Parent Plays

It’s not easy, I know, trying to involve yourself again on the dating scene without properly considering the role that your child and your ex-partner has on your life. So before leaping into a computer, and registering for a dating for parents account online, you might want to make sure first that everything is well ironed out.

It’s really important that your child still be in touch with his or her other parent – as much as possible. Now I know that by this time everything between you and your ex-partner is finished and is a closed issue. You personally want to end it there. But remember that your child has a different perspective regarding this matter. It’s not easy for him to see you involved in online dating for parents websites and seeing you don’t care anymore for his other parent.

You have to face the reality that the other adult – your ex partner – is still your child’s parent and not only that, they want and need continuing access. So it’s best to let your child go on this one. Let him spend time with his other parent and the rest of the relatives as it will be to your benefit, even though it may be difficult for you at first.

By the way, continuing access with each other doesn’t imply face to face interaction all the time. Just like you’re comfortable connecting with people in online dating for parents sites, your child can find comfort, security, and wholeness from simple text messages, phone calls, emails or web chats. The important thing is they’re allowed to keep in touch.

Kids grow better and act nicer when both their parents share care. And there’s also an advantage for you on your end as you have help in raising up your child. Also, when your child is on a visit, or with his relatives, it can be a time for you to recharge, reconnect and start making new relationships again through online dating for parents communities.

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