Dating On The Rebound – A Singles Survival Guide!

It’s often our closest friends or family who see us rebounding from a recent relationship before we see it ourselves. A recent break up from a partner to whom you carry a deep and emotive attachment to can make you predisposed to emotional or sexual manipulation by predators.

Rebound romances pose immense personal dangers unless you are extremely self-aware of the emotional risks. If you find yourself falling into new relationships in an impulsive fashion after a recent break up in an attempt to feel wanted, sexy or to stop feeling lonely, and these impulsive flings fail after a short period of time, your own self esteem will hit a new low as a result.

If like numerous ‘suddenly singles’, you realize you are feeling progressively vulnerable as a consequence of a recent break up from your partner, it is pretty normal to find yourself attracted to someone who is entirely different to your ex, and is in essence inappropriate as a feasible match.

The ease in which to date on the rebound became a whole lot easier when the Internet and online dating sites became commonplace. Online personals, chat rooms and free dating sites
provide us with an infinite pool of people wanting to probe into your life. The law of averages suggest the majority of people available to meet through the internet will be genuine and upstanding men and women, on the flip side, be prepared to encounter snakes in the grass along the way whose purpose is to steal your heart, money and your dignity.

Humankind shifts from minute to minute with one destination in mind: the quest of happiness. It might sound similar to an American abstract but it is really a worldwide one – we are all searching for love and happiness, and after a split up, when you are suffering the most, that necessitate is increased tenfold.

We all have to deal with a broken relationship at some point, when your time inevitably comes around, be realistic with your behavior and understand that the quest for a quick fix such as dating on the rebound will almost certainly delay the healing process.

Our intuitive feelings are very complicated and often so self-contradictory, that it takes a great deal of self-analysis to sort out the way we feel for a brand-new love that’s arrived so promptly after our ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend. This new person, it appears, can assist us to bypass the anguish resulting from a break up. It seems like an attractive deal hard to refuse – but is it?

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