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Guys like me have no time to really go out and find somebody to go on
a first date with because there really is no need to when the friends
are around to hang out with on weekends anyways.  We are a successful
group of DC professional singles who just like to hang out in a social
group, you know, have a few rounds of beer, play darts, billiards, and
maybe watch the local sports teams.

So it was a great adjustment for me when all my closest friends
started leaving the city to spend summer on some Caribbean cruise
somewhere, or had to leave to be with their family or siblings.  I
found myself alone on a Weekends, especially Saturday night, this was
sometime back in the third week of June.  I really had to find
something to do with my free time, maybe get a date with one of those
DC professional singles who have nothing to do either and we could hit
it off…it would be a huge change from just hanging around guys all the
time and talking guy stuff anyway.

I get a little uneasy and awkward around ladies and I know my friend
James always messes with me about it, saying my appearance really
don’t match my personality or nature and I really should try getting
me a date to get my confidence boosted up.  So I took his advice and
called up this DC professional singles dating company he had met
during one of those medical trade shows his company makes him attend.

By the next weekend, I was all set up to meet this girl named Susan,
and she seemed really nice when I talked to her on the phone (the
dating specialist told me to give her a call to break the ice a little

before we met).  In fact, she sounded really sincere about wanting to
meet me and hang out, not like some of those usual snobbish DC
professional singles who my friend Steve always tries to pick up and
gets us all into trouble at the bar.

As it turned out, she was from one of the nicest group of DC
professional singles who knows how to laugh at themselves instead of
making fun of other singles for pleasure.  In fact, she was really
sweet on me and we had a great evening!  I’ve been seeing her all
summer long, and we’ve made plans to set up my friends on dates with
her friends when they all return.

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