do yo have to pay gratuities on a cruise holiday?

Question by RihannaLuva: do yo have to pay gratuities on a cruise holiday?
i have booked a cruise holiday with NCL Jade in 2 weeks but i have heard about gratuities? do you have to pay them i know they are tips but i always pay but not every single day because its 5 of us and i cannot pay that much amount basically i cant afford paying off gratuities so i was wondering DO YOU HAVE TO OR ITS OPTIONAL????

Please dont say if you can pay gratuities dont cruise!

Thanks every1 for answering i hope you have helped!

Best answer:

Answer by Dr. Wigglefarmer
Tipping on NCL cruises is automatically billed to your room.

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3 comments to do yo have to pay gratuities on a cruise holiday?

  • Mary

    Although passengers can adjust the tips assessment up or down, they really should NOT cut out tips! The people who get them are dependent upon those tips as the majority of their income, and knock themselves out to provide excellent service. They work extremely long hours with no days off, and are very poorly paid. Most of them are supporting families in their home countries and really NEED that share of the tip pool. Tips are simply part of the deal, and a part of the cost of a cruise vacation.

    In theory, I despise tipping, and believe that the cruise companies should simply raise the prices of all cruises by at least $ 100 to $ 200 per week per person, and then pay their employees appropriately and stop the tipping stuff entirely. Until that happens, however, I ALWAYS pay the full tip amount and often increase it. Further, I personally believe that to forego tipping is being cheap and taking unfair advantage of some vulnerable people. And I know people don’t want to hear it, but truly — if you can afford a cruise, you can afford the tips! (And people who can afford a cruise can also afford to pay for their own drinks rather than smuggling.) Peoole who cannot afford the tips and cannot afford to pay for what they drink should find another vacation.

    My two-cents’ worth. You don’t have to agree, of course.

  • Ronald

    Gratuities are automatically added as room charges (like bar drinks, or items at the gift shop). You can talk to the purser’s office about changing the amount, or telling them not to automatically charge you. However, you should be aware that your cabin porter(s) and waitstaff really relies on the tips, so you really should try to leave them something.

  • RoofingPrincess

    Sorry, I know it’s the answer you don’t want to hear, but I do believe that if you can’t pay the gratuities you shouldn’t cruise.
    It’s the way the cruise lines pay their staff; I don’t agree with it, but I’m not going to see the staff be underpaid because I don’t like the way the cruise lines have chosen to do compensation.
    Would you like it if your employer decided he didn’t feel like paying you your full wage? Or if you worked hard in a restaurant all week but got cheap tips and thus didn’t take much home at the end of the week?

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