Do you think a meeting with the parents at my son’s school would resolve ongoing issues?

Question by : Do you think a meeting with the parents at my son’s school would resolve ongoing issues?
Basically story short the parents at my son’s school single me and my son out because of his autism. And rather then taking the time to find out the reason why my son behaves or does the things he does they just labelled me as a bad parent and my son as a bad child.

I want opinions. The class teacher says she thinks they just don’t understand and that it would be an opportunity for me to explain to them about autism etc.

1. I’m not interested in explaining nothing. Not one of those parents thought twice about me allowing me to.
2. I’m not there to make friends, I’m there to take my child to and from school.
3. I’m not fake. I won’t smile at someone and be all friendly when I don’t like someone. If I don’t like you and things aren’t cool between us I will tell you straight. I’m not going to stand there because we had a “meeting” and pretend to like someone.
4. I just want to be left the hell alone.

My friend said that I need to be less hostile but I feel pissed off. They have put me through 7 months of pure hell. And I feel like I shouldn’t need to justify me or my son to no one. And even if I did go to this meeting things still wouldn’t be cool with me. Because they’ll throw the “Oh I didn’t know” or “Yeah? . . and?” line.

What you think? I will openly admit I am very hostile and have no intention on changing that. I did approach a few of them on a friendly level to ask about the issues they where having with me or my son and they just gave me attitude back.
Nope. These issues started 6 months ago. I was cool, up until the last couple of months when the parents started getting personal and telling there children to stay away from my son as he is “ill” behaved and I don’t parent him right. Then having there children come and tell me this in front of everyone, then standing back and laughing at the fact there child just humiliated me in front of everyone. Or laughing as there children bully my son in the school grounds. I don’t respect that and I’m not about to stand there and pretend to either. Especially when they’ve given me nothing but attitude for 7 months. I’m not fake. I gave respect and they still decided to single me out.
The school i useless. I go in every morning for 2 hours to give my son one on one support as they say he is “boisterous” in the mornings. i.e they have no clue what to do with him as his one on one support teacher don’t come until 11am. I express daily how I have issues with the parents and she has only just approached me to resolve the issue.

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Answer by peachyxkeen27
It sounds like you’re just being flat out rude.
You give respect, you earn respect.

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3 comments to Do you think a meeting with the parents at my son’s school would resolve ongoing issues?

  • heylil1

    The teacher is the one that should be telling the students in the class about autism and how he might behave and why he might be doing the things he does. Why is she making you do this? This is her classroom and her responsibility. Once she talks with the students, the students are the ones that will help inform the parents of why your son may have acted a certain way. I would tell next year’s teacher that he/she should inform the class at the beginning of the year (but not when your son is not in the classroom).

  • Mama to 2006 & 2008

    If you want to create the best possible learning environment for your son, you need to set the example. You need to model for your son the best way to deal with people. He’s going to face people who don’t understand how he reacts to things or why he behaves in a way that’s unexpected. By educating others about his differences, you teach him to be unashamed. Friendships can be hard for autistic kids who have problems with social cues and conventions. Modeling “pissed off” and “very hostile” does your son no favors.

  • Lena Dawson- Baby Adrian is here!

    Yes, its worth a try. I think you are looking at this with the completely wrong attitude. You cant be angry with them for not understanding autism and why your son acts the way he does and then refuse to explain to it them. They dont understand autism, they know absolutely nothing of it, yes they didnt go out of their way to learn, but thats probably because they know so little of it that they dont think theres anything to learn, to them its just poor parenting and a bad kid. To them, hes just a bad kid, and the majority of parents tell their children to stay away from the trouble makers, the child probably didnt mean to humiliate or offend you, they were only repeating what they were told. If you want it to change, sit down with them and help them understand. Explain to them exactly what autism is, what it does to the child, and why your son behaves the way he does. If you go around being pissed at everyone who doesnt understand and refuse to help them rather then hate them, you wont get anywhere and you’ll just end up a very angry person. My brother has autism, loud noises send him into an episode where he sits on the ground and rocks, holding his ears while yelling, when other kids saw this they would wonder why he behaved like that, parents who didnt know his condition just assumed he was a brat throwing a tantrum, so either I or my parents would take the time to explain to them and teach them about autism, so they will know better in the future. You cant blame people for not being an expert on something that they didnt have a reason to know about before. Sit down and have a heart to heart, as parents who love their kids, explain it to them. Autistic children have trouble interpreting social cues and knowing what to do in social situations and confrontations, your son looks to you as an example of what to do in specific situations, and all you are teaching him is that when people dont understand him, he is supposed to react with hostility and not bother to help them understand.

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