Does anyone else think they should have “Singles & Dating” divided into two age groups?

Question by kelly825782003: Does anyone else think they should have “Singles & Dating” divided into two age groups?
I think they should have a “Singles & Dating- under 18″ and a “Singles & Dating- 18 and over”. Does anyone else think so? I just feel with the two age groups, people could relate better with their own age groups (with situations and experiences).

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  • upperhand


  • ShoopBahDoop

    That would definately help, very good idea. Maybe even an over 50 group, then again I don’t know how many people on here are 50, but anyway, that would also resolve seeing the question “I lyke dis boy wut shud i do?” 500 times. :)

  • dancedance2359

    yes i agree

  • kortne1

    I totally agree with you on this one.

  • ♪♫ANA♪♫

    Nope becuz we need everyones experience and advice no matter what they age is.. I mean think about it…a 25 yr person might give you better information on how to handle a situation like MY GF THINKS IM CHEATING ON HER…etc….than a 18 or another age would know… Everyones opinions help

  • Nick

    I think they should have yahoo answers in general divided into 2 age groups.

  • I L♥VE KRIS!!


  • wayfaroutthere

    Yes, there is a big difference between the advice you’d give to a highschooler and what you’d give to an adult, and often you have to guess who you are dealing with on here by how they speak and what they are asking.

  • Miss LaDy

    HELL YES!!!! i think the same thing…

  • T.Q C

    no not really some of us all have the same problems


    i think you’re absolutely right there should be two seperte age groups 18 and older and younger than 18 because some of these questions are inappropriate for certain people and younger kids are reading them!

  • LSU_Tiger23

    I feel that singles and dating is full of kids in middle and high school talking about being in love. It’s so lame.

  • pufferoo

    Absolutely! The questions from adults should be separate from the ones from nonadults.

  • Simplicimus

    I couldn’t agree with you more!

  • Jaz

    Omg! I completely agree! I keep thinking I’ve found a worthy question, then it ends up being some teenage girl wondering about some boy in her math class!
    I’m all for the seperation between the ages thing!

  • crystaliris890

    I couldn’t agree more. There should be a dating advice section for teens and another for adults–it’s sad to see the younger audience (10-17) answer questions that are explicit. (Sex.) and meant for a much older/mature audience.

  • lost

    YES YES YES :P i am 22 year old guy and i like answering real questions but alot of the time there are highschool students asking alot of the same questions or they are looking for an ego stroke, by asking dumb questions like my boobs are so DD36 why do guys look at them so much :P i hope this question gets the ball rolling :)

  • mad_twinkie

    GREAT IDEA!!!!!!!! Yes, that would be fabulous, this is one of the greatest ideas I have heard in a long while. Would make things easier too, some of us would quit posting questions in Marriage & Divorce.

  • michelle

    Definitely! I think it’s a great idea!

  • Amanda S

    YES! YES! YES! YES! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!


    Do you honestly think you can get the same ammount of wisdom in advice given from someone…say…18 and under…as you can from someone…say…over 18…I feel that it is sad that alot of people from opposite age brackets feel that one doesn’t understand the other, but if people were more open minded…we wouldn’t have this problem.

  • ersabette

    I also think it’s a great idea however who is going to stop the under 18′s from posting in the over 18′s hoping for an adult perspective or answering questions in that group? In the long run I really don’t think it would make that huge of a difference, unfortunately.

  • Juan V

    without a doubt.

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