Does Disney allow you to use Tattoo Concealer over tattoos?

Question by danielle v: Does Disney allow you to use Tattoo Concealer over tattoos?
I have a small tattoo behind my ear/ on my neck, but it cant be seen at all when I wear my hair down or even put my tattoo makeup on it. Could I still be considered for the disney college program!?

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Answer by Mopar Muscle Gal
cant hurt to try it and see what happens

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8 comments to Does Disney allow you to use Tattoo Concealer over tattoos?

  • o*0 \(^o^)/ I love CAKE! 0*o

    I’m sure you can do that, as long as it doesn’t distract from the job. If your good at it, then I’m sure the head-guys won’t care if you have a little Tattoo or something. Focus on how you preform! Not how you look :D

    Good Luck!


    i wouldnt see why not

  • crazzy_nascar_chick

    They can only forbid you from having visible tattoos. Otherwise they’re infringing on your personal rights; they don’t own you. So if you can cover it, it shouldn’t be a problem.

  • arcaneta

    I think as long as you could cover it you should be alright, if you can cover it no one would even know its there besides you!

  • patricia r

    Most Arts and Entertainment industries are accepting of tattoos. That being said Walt Disney wants to promotes a certain image. More of a conservative family oriented atmosphere for employment. They do not feel that tattoos are in keeping with their image. I realize this may be viewed as unfair or not popular but they can set their standards for their company. Please call or e-mail the Humane Relations policy and ask for the “dress code policy” on visible tattoos. This should clarify and concerns or questions for you. Good luck, hope this information was helpful.

  • drama_dot

    You need to make them aware of it and point out both the fact that you will wear your hair down and can cover it completely with make-up.

  • Bouvedaire

    I applied for a job at Disney… They don’t want a tattoo anywhere on your neck/face and your hands. If you have a tattoo from your wrist to your elbow, they’ll make you wear white or light blue underarmour.

  • Nicole P

    Disney does not allow visible tattoos so you have to make them aware that you have it. Then they ask where it is and whether it can be fully covered and if you are willing to cover it. If the role you apply for requires that you pull your hair up you’ll have to covered it thickly with make-up or something else every single day. However, having a tattoo or piercings in no way makes you ineligible as long as you can change things to meet “disney look” so I say apply and have fun it was a unique experience.

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