Easter Holiday Vacation


Easter holidays are eagerly approaching and what with the festivities going on, you might feel like you either need that break to approach faster or you are enjoying the holiday madness! There are many of us crazy people out there, the one’s that thrive on voyaging, lunacy, kids, bunnies, hunts, treasures and all the drama that accompanies the festivities.

Well I don’t know whether or not you have had the opportunity to take a couple of days off, take your shoes off and just kick back for a couple of days. If you were one of the unlucky ones, no need to fear for the safety of your wrists….there are those few public holidays.

So, have you decided where you taking the kids? Where you want to go so that you can behave like a kid? Maybe even drag your mother with so you can act like a child again…Ahhhh, the good old days. No worries, everything was easier to do, easier to find and alot more sufficient.

When festivities are rising on the horizon, I get an urge to want to pack my bags and visit towns, new places, and stay in some top notch hotel. Unfortunately, the economy is not doing that great. This means, I am not doing that great. Financially that is. So anyhow, I was searching for affordable accommodations, and that is when I stumbled on the site Vic Falls Travel. You see, I have always wanted to go watch the lunar rainbow. It is amazing really, it is rainbows in the evening right by the falls! I used the booking agents and they were incredibly friendly and helpful. It’s the first time I have planned to leave South Africa so I wanted to be sure that I mad no redundant mistakes. The agent booked my accommodations at the Ilala Lodge Hotel because it is the closest hotel to Victoria Falls and ideally near the town centre. Wild animals often graze on the hotel lawns with the spray of the falls in the background. And even though I had some difficulty choosing between the Lodge Hotel and the Victoria Falls Hotel with its lush tropical gardens with lily ponds , I am nonetheless extremely excited and am readily looking forward to my trip It is expected to be a rather crazy vacation, and I hope against all odds that the Easter Bunny will follow me!

So, I hope you take a look around for a seriously great vacation destination, bearing in mind that although the price of a holiday is costly there are options, striking options, that are reasonably priced and exquisite. Victoria Falls has held a place in my heart and if you plan on visiting the area, a word of advice, use a booking agency. They take all the stress off your shoulders. Oh and one other thing. Remember to take your passport! Bon Voyage and wish me well! I wish you the best Easter Eggs the bunny has to offer!


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