Events and Adventures: Singles Clubs Comparison


Some of the various Phoenix singles clubs may offer different ways to meet other singles in the area. However, Events and Adventures, the hottest singles club in Phoenix is the single best way to meet other singles and this national company has spent 22 years perfecting their event planning services. It is not a dating service, Events and Adventures is an activities club offering event-planning services to single men and women in cities around the United States and now in Vancouver BC. Many people may wonder what types of activities are available and how much do they cost. Here are a few examples along with member prices of each:

Memorial Day 3-Day Weekend Camping Trip. $ 49 per member.

Is there anywhere that you can go, enjoy three days of activities for less than $ 50 dollars? Not in 2011. Yet, because this company is so well equipped and so competent at planning large group events, they can offer an outing at this low price without hesitation. For those of you who visit the website at and cannot access pricing for the entire month events or membership per year it is because you are not yet a member. Only true members have unlimited access to every aspect of the company website, pricing of events, etc. We suggest becoming a member if you wish to be completely ‘in-the-know’ about every aspect of this company and its services.

Another event example during the month of May 2011 in Phoenix Arizona:

Stand up paddle boarding at Tempe Town Lake Marina plus a picnic in the park. $ 42.00 per member.

This event price includes equipment rental and personal instruction. The equipment rental is two hours in duration.

If you are single and considering joining a singles club in the Phoenix area, we suggest you put Events and Adventures at the top of your list of prospects. None of the free singles groups and meetups can compare with Events and Adventures. Mind you, they do try and healthy competition is always good and keeps a company on its toes in respect to finding and planning new activities for members to enjoy and participate. The distinct advantage a meet up group has over a membership in an Events and Adventures club is also its biggest failure. Meet-up singles groups are free to join and have no stake in professionally planning and conducting events. In short, do not expect the same personal service and professional level events from a free singles club it is not possible.

Here is another distinction we want to make, our stand-up paddle boarding activity is open to the public, and it is possible for you to go and enjoy that activity on your own. The big difference is that ‘on your own’ is the equivalent to an activity spent ‘alone’. With these points now made, if you have the interest, marital status, and disposable income to acquire membership in America’s fastest growing network of single men and women, check out Events and Adventures. We always welcome new comers and like-minded single men and women in the pursuit of fun definitely have a common interest shared by our entire roster of members nationwide. Events and Adventures is the best and fastest way to meet singles in the Phoenix area.

Considering a singles club membership or perhaps thinking of joining a free meet-ups group? Put Events and Adventures at the top of your list of prospects because you get what you pay for and life is short so stopping wasting yours. Events and Adventures is the single best way to meet other singles in your area. Take a moment and see how this company compares to those free singles clubs and various meet-up groups. In our opinion, you get what you pay for as far as level of service and activities are concerned. You be the judge visit our website at or call 1-800-386-0866 for further information.

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