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It’s a common assumption that you are most likely to meet your life partner whilst out socialising. In fact some people believe that this is the only situation in which future life partners can be met. This places needless restrictions on such individuals when searching for a partner. It means that there search will probably be confined to weekend evenings during which they attend social events. In reality they could be searching for and finding potential partners 24/7. So if you don’t have time to socialise due to work or family responsibilities don’t despair. You really could find your future life partner anytime, any place, anywhere.

I became interested in where and how couples meet due to something that happened in my early teens. My schoolteacher married a man who had been involved in organising her late Father’s funeral. How do I know this you may be wondering?

My Dad drank in the same local pub as the man who owned the firm of undertakers involved. His son who also worked in the family business met my teacher through his involvement with her late Father’s funeral. My Dad was a drinking acquaintance of the undertaker and this fact came out in conversation between the two of them. When I mentioned that my teacher had recently married my Dad was able to pass on this interesting piece of information.

As a young adult I had a colleague whose meeting with her life partner was also associated with her Father’s death. She was in the lift in the block of flats where her family lived when a young man entered the lift and greeted her. As it happened he had lived in the same block and knew her family although not very well. He had moved away a couple of years previously and only recently returned to the neighbourhood. He remembered my colleague although she did not recall him. They began a conversation and she told him about her Father’s death. He expressed his sympathies about the loss of her Father and my colleague invited him around to meet and catch up with her family. By the time the colleague and I met they had been married for many years.

Of course you don’t have to lose your Father to gain a life partner. However I would like to add a note of warning here.The colleague I just mentioned was happily married. As far as I am aware my teacher’s marriage was also a happy one. However when we lose an important male in our lives through death or divorce we need to choose very carefully the males that we bring into our lives at this time. Generally speaking the first relationship a woman embarks on after divorce doesn’t last. I am sure that there are exceptions but it is a time to exercise extra caution. It makes sense not to rush into a relationship at a time when you might be feeling vulnerable and regret it later.

Returning to the subject of couples meeting in unusual situations. My friend originally from Eastern Europe tells of how she first arrived in England by ship.One of the first people she saw as the ship docked was a man sitting on the quay on a motorbike.He was to become her future husband.

I have also heard of the couple that met whilst both serving as magistrates. That former U.S. president Ronald Reagan met his wife Nancy when they were both actors. She needed to consult him as her representative of the actors union. Finally I heard recently of the young woman who went to the theatre with one of her girlfriends. After seeing the play her friend suggested that they went back stage to see one of the actors who happened to be her cousin.They did, he and the friend found that they had much in common and are now each other’s life partners. This all goes to prove that the world is full of great men and that it’s possible to meet them anytime, any place, anywhere.You just have to keep your eyes open.Gentlemen if you are reading this is unisex it applies to you too. Simply keep your eyes and ears open and you’ll start to met great women anytime ,any place, anywhere.

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