For the Older Dating Single, There Can Be Love After Loss

I had been married to a wonderful man for over 30 years. We have had four wonderful children and they have all grown up to start their own families. He was a wonderful man. Oh, sure we had our ups and downs, but somehow we always seemed to work things out. We had to work at our relationship.

In our early years of marriage, people always tried to tell us that we were working too hard at it. They tried to tell me that if it was that much work, it was not meant to be. Well, we made it work. I can only say that marriage is till death do us part. I kept my part of the contract but unfortunately, I lost him to cancer three years ago, and I never expected to be an older dating single.

I almost gave up on life myself after he died. In a way, he saved me even after he died. He told me to live my life after he was gone. I took her advice. After the second year that he was gone, I finally started to date again. The first few times I went out after he died, I was so awkward. It was hard to talk to the men I was out with. I guess there was no real connection with them.

It was after a particularly awkward date that I decided to try online dating. I had gotten home and poured a glass of wine when a commercial for online dating came on the television. I went to my computer and visited the site. I filled out the information they asked for and posted some pictures up.

Three weeks later I met John. I have to say, I am glad that I listened to my late husband, may he rest in peace. John is the second man I have fallen in love with. I hope that my first husband forgives me for saying this, but he is a lot easier to get along with.  With John, we do not have to work as hard at our relationship.

If you have not tried online dating, please do so, but since I am taken now, the older dating single crowd just got a little smaller. It could happen for you too.

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