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“Chinese enterprises with the largest gap between the well-known companies is strategic thinking. Chinese companies to sell products, is a typical Chinese-style” blue-collar mentality “; internationally renowned companies to sell the quality of life and lifestyle, are” white-collar mentality. “On

Glanz Speaking, the task of the next 10 years thinking to jump out from the blue-collar, set up to improve the quality of life of consumers for the purpose of “white-collar mentality.”

Out of the “blue-collar mentality”

The trade, mainly due to the long in the manufacture of the “blue collar” business model, China

Home Appliances Industry product homogeneity is serious, means competition in the industry is also single.

Microwave ovens Industry leading high-profile brand Galanz transition to business ideas from the traditional “selling products” mainly “blue collar” model to “selling idea” of mainly “white collar” mode microwave oven industry is digging the new “Blue Ocean.”

Galanz company said sales in China over the past 10 years, Glanz “world factory” position is not popular in the microwave generated by the case. Through the efforts of 10 years, won the world billions of dollars Galanz microwave oven users, but also for microwave ovens in China, from “luxury” into a “commodity.”

Pushes “white kitchen” “Modern health kitchen should be without fire, no smoke, cooking no longer need complex procedures and techniques, while kitchen itself is a beautiful scene of the kitchen. This is Galanz advocated the ‘white-collar kitchen’.” Grid Lan Shi sales company in China who told reporters.

Microwave ovens in the Chinese family in the kitchen just as “heating tool.” Authoritative market research shows that urban households have microwave ovens rate reached 44.3%, but can function only about 5%, some 34 city residents is that the optional microwave oven.

According to insiders, Galanz microwave oven in the realization of a product’s “Worldwide supply”, the focus of the Marketing of cities is to market more energy-efficient cooking healthy integrated solutions, from products to services, universal access value-added stages.

In the secondary and tertiary markets, will focus on considering more families spend no access to microwave ovens microwave oven.

It is reported that Galanz starting in 2006, China launched a sophisticated red, V9 titanium crystal flat-panel series

Halogen Cooking Pot , Together with the original V8 PTT wave stove, microwave oven constitute the current market leading products. These products are from the shape, style to the functional integration on both the needs of modern families, such as “Ti-crystal flat-panel electronic oven” has a catch

Flat-panel television

Titanium film “flat” beautiful mirror; China Red Halogen Cooking Pot original steam “steam” module for microwave easily into the “steam fresh” era, represents the industry’s development. Push to talk with V8, V9 plate light, Red China, high-end products such as steam wave stove hot quickly, the upgrading of China’s microwave oven market has entered a substantive stage.

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