Going Solo: Planning Your Single Cruise Vacation

Surprise! You’re not the only one who is looking for something new. Experienced professionals organize vacations just for single people, and a singles cruise is just the ticket for having some new fun and meeting new friends. Of course, this doesn’t mean you’ll be turning your back on your long time buddies. It’s simply about trying something new, and perhaps experiencing a major thrill.

Going on a singles trip can be an exciting adventure when joining a hosted single cruise, where you can meet and mingle with other single people. A cruise trip opens the door to all kinds of fun and activities. Whether it’s finding romance and new friends, or simply relaxing by yourself, single people can always find the perfect activity for their mood.

But, you may not have much fun if you try to book your singles vacation by yourself. Leave that up to the professionals. Look for a travel agency that specializes in planning singles travel. They will be more than happy to show you all the benefits you will enjoy when you join an organized singles cruise. And because they have had extensive experience with single travelers, you’ll know you will be in good hands. For a different kind of cruise, ask about the cruises that sail during certain holidays, such as New Year’s or on the Fourth of July. Some single vacations destinations sail to the Caribbean where the singles can enjoy warm, tropical breezes along with friendly dinners, comedy shows, and spa treatments.

A typical singles cruise will include elegant dinners, fun board game sessions such as Battle of the Sexes, wine tasting, cocktail mixers, pool parties as well as theme parties such as Hawaiian nights, salsa dance soirees, and Halloween parties. These singles cruise parties are created by experienced singles cruise directors who plan them especially for the singles in their group. Complimentary cocktails may also be offered at certain parties. Be sure to ask your singles cruise travel agent if he/she has a recommendation on what type of hosted singles cruise getaway will give you the most enjoyment.

Before you board your singles cruise, ask your travel agent for some suggestions on the outfits you might need to bring. There may be a costume competition planned or an elegant formal affair where you’ll want to show off your sophisticated best. Double check with your singles vacations travel agent for specific details on how to maximize your special cruise adventure.

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