Has Anyone ever attempted to Time Travel?

Question by Mistshock: Has Anyone ever attempted to Time Travel?
I was wondering because its always in movies. Yes i know we cant time travel… well as of yet but have there been people who tried to see if they could like albert einstein and stuff?

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Answer by Gnomester
I do on a daily basis.


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10 comments to Has Anyone ever attempted to Time Travel?

  • JL3

    I do it all the time. I get drunk and I wake up the next day not remembering a thing. If that’s not time travel, I don’t know what is.

  • Ryan

    Certain experiments carried out during the last ten years give the impression of reversed causality but are interpreted in a different way by the scientific community. For example, in the delayed choice quantum eraser experiment performed by Marlan Scully, pairs of entangled photons are divided into “signal photons” and “idler photons”, with the signal photons emerging from one of two locations and their position later measured as in the double slit experiment, and depending on how the idler photon is measured, the experimenter can either learn which of the two locations the signal photon emerged from or “erase” that information. Even though the signal photons can be measured before the choice has been made about the idler photons, the choice seems to retroactively determine whether or not an interference pattern is observed when one correlates measurements of idler photons to the corresponding signal photons. However, since interference can only be observed after the idler photons are measured and they are correlated with the signal photons, there is no way for experimenters to tell what choice will be made in advance just by looking at the signal photons, and under most interpretations of quantum mechanics the results can be explained in a way that does not violate causality.

    The experiment of Lijun Wang might also give the appearance of causality violation since it made it possible to send packages of waves through a bulb of caesium gas in such a way that the package appeared to exit the bulb 62 nanoseconds before its entry. But a wave package is not a single well-defined object but rather a sum of multiple waves of different frequencies (see Fourier analysis), and the package can appear to move faster than light or even backwards in time even if none of the pure waves in the sum do so. This effect cannot be used to send any matter, energy, or information backwards in time, so this experiment is understood not to violate causality either.

    The physicists G√ľnter Nimtz and Alfons Stahlhofen, of the University of Koblenz, claim to have violated Einstein’s theory of relativity by transmitting photons faster than the speed of light. They say they have conducted an experiment in which microwave photons – energetic packets of light – traveled “instantaneously” between a pair of prisms that had been moved up to 3 ft (0.91 m) apart, using a phenomenon known as quantum tunneling. Nimtz told New Scientist magazine: “For the time being, this is the only violation of special relativity that I know of.” However, other physicists say that this phenomenon does not allow information to be transmitted faster than light. Aephraim Steinberg, a quantum optics expert at the University of Toronto, Canada, uses the analogy of a train traveling from Chicago to New York, but dropping off train cars at each station along the way, so that the center of the train moves forward at each stop; in this way, the center of the train exceeds the speed of any of the individual cars.[33]

    Some physicists have attempted to perform experiments which would show genuine causality violations, but so far without success. The Space-time Twisting by Light (STL) experiment run by physicist Ronald Mallett is attempting to observe a violation of causality when a neutron is passed through a circle made up of a laser whose path has been twisted by passing it through a photonic crystal. Mallett has some physical arguments which suggest that closed timelike curves would become possible through the center of a laser which has been twisted into a loop. However, other physicists dispute his arguments (see objections).

  • visualize whirled peas

    lol yes when i was six i made a ”time machine” out of a cardboard box lol

  • Rodzilla vs King Dong

    what he said ^^^

  • Eee Gee

    lol just today my husband and i were in our home (new house, no appliances yet) and i stood where the stove goes and right above me was the tube for the vent.. and i told him.. wouldn’t it be cool if i could just stand here and dial a time and place and this vent could just suck me right up and spit me out in a different time and place? lol it was just a silly thought but its funny youre here asking about it on yahoo lol
    i would go to february 7 1964 :)

  • aquafina = muy buena


    i got high one time… and i kept feeling like i was going forward in time.
    one minute i was at jack in the box, the next minute i was in my car, the next minute i was at my friends house, the next minute we were smoking the hooka

    and i said ‘woah, its almost like i was going forward in time’

    so i started thinking… what if i could go back in time?

    so i started thinking about a memory that i would focus on and go back to… i thought of my memory, and i started to focus, and my vision started going all white

    i was like ‘ohh shit!’ and i got scared so i stopped

    i didnt want to go into a comatose state or something lol

    like in the movies… IM in a different place, but my body is still here on earth…

    that would be bad.. so i stopped trying to go back in time hahhah

    it was… interesting…

  • nillok0545

    You need a flux capacitor!!!

  • charlesjerrell

    i was going to say what ryan said but he beat me to it

  • Terry

    We “time travel” every day of our lives. When you grow old–like me–you will find that time and years go by much quicker than when you were a young person. We all and each live to the beat of Chronos though he may slow it for some and speed it for others. Gods will have their way and mortals have little say.

  • Panther0567

    I would suggest contacting Dr. Emmett Brown of Hill Valley, CA. He’s an expert in the field of Time Travel.

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