Have you felt a capricorn become insecure and jealous towards you? Trying to one up you?

Question by iBelieve in TrueLove: Have you felt a capricorn become insecure and jealous towards you? Trying to one up you?
I’m really starting to feel that this is more than an astrology thing but maybe it may have something to do with her chart. We have been growing apart. She used to be this strong person but now through the years, it’s different. I feel like she’s drowned in herself and has become much more immature and she seems to not like that I’ve been more comfortable with myself. I don’t want to judge (bc I care as a friend) but her immature words and behavior have been turning me off big time. I just give her my empathy from afar…One incident really confirmed it for me. We were all getting ready at this suite and I happen to have my heels on. She she was genuinely bothered bc I was taller than her (I know, right?). She tried to joke her way thru it but she sounded like those jealous girlfriends who try to hide their jealousy. She was really bothered that I was the same height as her bc she claims, “this is not right. compared to the both of us, I’m the tall one!” like it was what she had going for her, as if it was the thing that made her better. So she puts on taller heels, looks down at me, and says, “much better”. REALLY?! I shrugged it off and my gut just didn’t feel right being around her. I have fun with teasing here and there but it sounded so childish to me.

She also seems to be judging me when I don’t want to have “wild” fun like she does and thinks it’s weird I’m not like that bc i’m “single”. (bc apparently, single people are “wild and fun”, watch “the bachelor”; and couples are “boring” but she’s not trying to be those boring couples so she proves to others she’s fun by being wild). She tries to live through me. “Oh too bad I’m not staying at the suite with you ladies tonight. I’m so excited for you bc you never do this kind of thing.” (Yeah right, not genuine. Just jealous. And for the record, I have stayed at nice hotels with my siblings/cousins, who I’m actually very close with but of course, to her it doesn’t count bc it’s “family vacations”). She also insinuated that I keep going out to the clubs past 2 bc that’s what she would do and it’s fun. She sounded judgmental that I predicted I wouldn’t go. She also gave me a weird look when I refused to take pictures with a stripper. Not my thing and I have no shame :) Also that night, she talked smack about how some girls were so “boring” but then couldn’t talk to them and be “fun” or personable herself….then the catty remarks behind the back started rolling. what’s more interesting is that some girls told me later on that it looks like she “copies” me. I’m not 10 yrs old and I could care less if we have the same material things/looks but I do have a red-flag bc I did feel this from her…like those people who want what you have but better and when they take “power” over you, they throw you under the bus. I’m not stupid…I’m just very protective of myself and cautious now… I also noticed she’s become more smothering. She and her boyfriend make up theories and judgements to why I don’t dote on them every day… like I have a “secret boyfriend” that I don’t text them all the time *sigh* What’s the deal?
Her chart: Sun cap, moon scorpio, mercury sag, venus scorpio, mars & jupiter pisces, saturn & uranus sagittarius, pluto scorpio

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Answer by LiLyRoSe24
lol I don’t think that this is just a Capricorn thing but I could be wrong! If this girl is making you this upset maybe it is time for you to separate yourself from her. Every woman needs a good girlfriend that they can just kick back and have a few drinks with or not even drink at all. Friends are the ones that stick around when everyone else is bailing on you. I hope everything gets easier for you with her. Good Luck!!

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