Help with my boyfriend? no mean answers please?

Question by Jenny S: Help with my boyfriend? no mean answers please?
my boyfriend and i have been together for 10 months, no doubt its been really good, im his first girlfriend and he has never been happier, even when we fight he is super happy to have me around. even if im not talking to him. but.. i think its me that has the problem. i dont know if im happy anymore… there is NOT another guy or anything like that. i just dont feel happy. i mean we are ALWAYS together, every single day, i mean even when i was just on vacation out of state for the week, he would text me EVERY DAY and call me every day. so i feel like i didnt really have a vacation cuz i mean i thought that would be my break from seeing him and talking to him, and when we talked about it he said ” i talked to you everyday when i was on vacation” well yes he did but that was HIS choice, not mine. i feel like im being suffocated, and EXTREMELY tied down and i dont like the feeling. so i dont know what i should do, if we should just call it quits or what cuz he is just so happy and im not… any help please? :(

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Answer by many owls
he sounds needy
tell him thatll be the breaker
and its not a threat
its the truth.

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  • Ashley K

    Tell him you need some space. Maybe take a week off to yourself. If you talk to him about it and he really cares about you then he’ll give you your space and try to save the relationship.
    Good luck :)

  • starcie

    if you’re not happy anymore than maybe it is time to let him go.
    in a relationship, you’re both supposed to be having a good time. he sounds like he’s getting a little clingy having to ALWAYS talk to you.
    if you don’t like the feeling of being tied down, maybe you should talk to him and explain that you’re feeling a little suffocated and ask if maybe you could have some space.
    and maybe after taking a little break you might find it easier to realize if you think you can make it work, if you want to make it work, or if it’s simply time to move on

  • Anna

    I think you should talk to him and tell him how you feel. Just remember your happiness is just as important as his. And if you don’t have any feelings for him anymore, I’d say break up. But if you do, you two could make it work if you talk it out.
    Hope this helps! good luck :D

  • Sam.

    Is the only reason you’re unhappy because you have so much contact with him? There could be several possible scenerios happening here. In many relationships, its not abnormal to text/call everyday and even to see the other person everyday. I don’t know if you are uninterested in him or if you don’t like spending that much time with a boyfriend in any relationship. if its that you are uninterested, you probably should call it quits. both people need to be happy. if its that you just need space in any relationship you get yourself into, you need to tell him this and tell him that it won’t work out unless you recieve that space. because it won’t if that’s what you need. if he can’t do that, he needs to find someone who wants to spend just as much time with him as he wants to with them. and then you should be with someone who is also compatible with your needs, hope this helped!


    Just be honest with him and tell him that you enjoyed the 10 months but your not ready for a serious relationship.
    I’ve passed through a relationship like this, the girl used to call me every hour, I actually started to hate her and felt exactly like you “tied down” which resulted to too many fights which leaded us to break up.
    good luck

  • Patricia

    You just said you’re not happy. So what are you waiting for? You can’t hang on just to spare his feelings. That’s just cruel. If you’re not happy you need to break it off. I know it can be hard because you don’t want to hurt his feelings but it’ll just get worse in the long run if you don’t do it soon. Let him know how you feel and let him respond. If he understands then it’ll make things easier for you. If he doesn’t understand then he’s gonna try to hold on as long as possible as long as you let him. This is not healthy for either of you. If you don’t see a future with him, he has to know. But try and let him down slowly and easy. GL

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