How can anyone like Rosie O’donnell?

Question by FerrariFan: How can anyone like Rosie O’donnell?
I cannot believe the pure idiocy that comes out of her mouth. This woman seems to be single-handedly trying to bring down her show, and network. How can ABC sit there, and let her say such stupid things, over and over. Anyone who is dumb enough to believe the whole 9/11 conspiracy theories should just be put out of their misery. Then, she comes along and says the British government had their own sailors setup to be taken hostage?! What a fool! She is a typical loud, unintelligent, obnoxious liberal drone. The only people that support this stupid woman are fat, stay-at-home soccer moms, and butch dykes. Why do liberals like her feel as though they NEED to run their mouths on subjects which they know nothing about? I would love to meet “rosie” in person. I would have a field day on her. Arguing with a liberal is like arguing with a child though. They whine, and cry, and scream, and as soon as you try and give your opinion, they call you names. Anyone else HATE rosie O’donnell?

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Answer by amyd_pinay
I agree. She’s brash and resentful. She used to be inoffensive back when she had her own talk show and was asking scripted questions to celebrities. But, with all the stuff she says these days, you’ve gotta wonder, wtf? It’s like she goes out of her way to sound extreme, and I can’t believe she’d actually believe any of the garbage she spews out. For instance, take a look at her blog on her official website.

It’s full of fragmented sentences.
typed. like this.
like she’s 14. and emo.
or something.
but, I think.
it’s intellectual

ABC is probably just trying to feed up to the gay audience ever since Disney started being accepting towards gay people. That’s why we see a transgendered lesbian on an ABC soap opera and the gay actor in Grey’s Anatomy and the Betty’s gay nephew in Ugly Betty, among more out of the closet homosexual characters in their tv sitcoms and dramas. Having an outspoken gay woman like Rosie O’Donnell sitting there and battling wits against Barbara Walters is like icing on the cake. It’s such a shame— they only chose her because of her name and her status as a gay activist so now everyone is paying the price while Rosie continues to recklessly mouth off.

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