How do I get over shyness to meet new people?

Question by Blind Squirrel: How do I get over shyness to meet new people?
I can not bring myself to meet new people. Meeting people is the most stressful, anxious situation imaginable. How do I do it. I have been this way my entire life. Im confident, good looking, charming (at times), articulate, respectful. But regardless, I can not speak to new people. It was ok when I was younger, but now that I’m in my 30′s, I dont have a single friend. Meeting women is near impossible, because of this. Its nuts, please any suggestions.

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Answer by esmeralda
you should be confident with yourself and assume that those peoples around you do like you too. they may judge you by the way you talk and gives expression to them.

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5 comments to How do I get over shyness to meet new people?

  • dana

    The easiest most relaxing natural way to do it is by joining a group activity..find out what you like for example learning a new language or joining a photography class whatever you have passion for, or whatever you have interest in..this way not only you will meet new friends you will also meet new friends with similar interests…how about that?

  • kam

    this is not big problem
    you can solve it yourself .
    it need 30 days period to do practice
    1. you should do regularly your daily routine work ..
    no delay ,no lazyness should do breathing exercise .
    during 3 seconds breath in ,then 2 seconds breath out ..
    3.daily walking for 3o minutes .
    fast walking ..
    4 you should conrol your diet.
    do not eat more than require .
    5 .read loudly in front of mirror .
    any article of one page
    6. then without seeing article try to speak ..
    in front of mirror watching your face .. with 5 friends on phone
    on different subject with them
    8. meet 2 friends personally
    and discuss your veiws ..
    9. clean up your heart chakra .
    search” chakra ”on net ..and read about it
    do practice …

  • Sofia

    Believe in yourself and do not fear rejection.

  • patrick d

    It is funny normal people are mortified when it comes to meeting new people. From what I read, you should not have a problem meeting new people. Work is a good place to meet new people. You can build your social network that way. Many workplaces are littered with self-proclaimed matchmakers. Confidence, not to be confused with arrogance can be detected in the way you carry yourself in social situations. People can sense a confident person. Remember, all people are human and they have the same fears as you do. What is the worse that can happen? You get rejected, so what. No one likes to be rejected. But, if you are rejected by someone you don’t know there is less sting. You should accept rejection as a learning tool. Learn the difference between what doesn’t work and what does.

  • LT

    Hmm I know what you mean. I still have trouble, but I think about how not everyone I come across is going to like me. So if you just put yourself out there, say “Hi, how are you doing?” and try to make conservation, women would think you’re charming. In a way.

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