How do you feel about the people in the Singles and Dating section?

Question by Clever_Cat: How do you feel about the people in the Singles and Dating section?
I’m a regular in the Singles and Dating section on here as well as the Marriage and Divorce section, and I am constantly apppalled at what I see. There are so many young girls on there that feel a man has every right to control them. What do you think our society is doing to perpetuate this? And does everyone else see it as a big a problem as I do?

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Answer by Rio Madeira
I’m wondering why those girls are on S&D in the first place. Do they really care about dating that much? But I wouldn’t be surprised if they did. Look at all the preteen-oriented products that focus on boys and fashion. It’s no small problem.

But I digress. I was an S&D regular not long ago, and the over-18′s there weren’t bad. The YALF days were a hell of a lot of fun, but they’ve decimated. I’m still talking to muppet occasionally, but he isn’t around, either. Nor is she, Basketcase, K-E-G, pogue, or lowroad. I miss them all.

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  • venusavant

    I don’t think it’s society. I place the blame at the feet of their parents. Too many parents do not lead good examples for their kids. If both parents live in the same house they are more than likely both working as well. In a single parent household the child doesn’t get to whiteness a normal relationship. Also, parents assume the schools are going to teach our children about sex education. Most sex ed classes today are nothing more than a comedy written by fundamentalist right-wingers. Do I need to mention television? Not necessarily what’s on the television, but again: what the parents let their kids watch.

    So in a word, it’s us parents that are to blame for the current mindset of our children. When we’re able to be grownups and admit this instead of turning a cheek and blaming video games, movies and rap music we’ll begin to head in the right direction.

  • db14

    Too many kids that ask too many silly questions. Marriage and divorce is a bit depressing. Too much cheating. Not enough trying and being nice. Check out Men’s health every other question is about how big is ‘it’ supposed to be? and How can I make ‘it’ bigger. Boring….

  • Deirdre O

    I understand your concerns and I feel the same way. Young girl should feel empowered enough to understand that they do not have to put up with an abusive one side relationship. As adult women it is our responsibility to let girls know that there are attributes other that looks and a attractive body that are valuable. Our society focuses on the physical side of the female and forgets there is intelligence, talent, humour etc. I love the net page that has many activities for women to share that helps them build self esteem. Thanks for a good question.

  • cpsdus

    Maybe it isn’t that the young girls feel a man has a right to control them, maybe they need to have a man control them in order to feel “whole.” If they have no self identity, then they will conform to whatever man happens to be in their lives. Any young girl has to make a decision to allow it to happen to her.

    The young men don’t feel they are responsible to anyone and seem to be quite narrow minded about things.

    I put the blame on the lack of traditional parenting. Now, both parents feel they have to be in the workforce with a career. It used to be if a woman was a stay at home mom, that was fine. Now she is almost scorned by her fellow women who are working. Why? Those working moms are actually miserable in their careers and are probably jealous the SAHM can devote herself to the care and upbringing of her children.

  • Barking Lunchbox

    it’s distressing, yes, but a predictable facet of the extent they allow themselves to be controlled by societal pressures (tramp stamps and plumber butt as a fashion trend is a good example). If you don’t develop an identity of your own somewhere, you not only seek but crave control. Making your own decisions becomes more frightening than fullfilling.

    It not just young women that are affected this way, but they do seem to be the most so. But the entire U.S. populace seems to be drifting in this direction. More and more of them would rather be told what to do, read, like and dislike, believe and disbelieve, etc., than figure it out for themselves

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