How I Imagine Black Singles Dating Washington DC for Twenties and Thirties

If I went to a Black Singles Dating Washington DC speed date event, I would probably go to a 20′s and 30′s one.  I am 25, and I do not want to date anyone who is much older than 30.

I would probably wear dress slacks, a pencil skirt, or maybe even some nice, boot cut jeans.  If I work slacks or a skirt, I would also wear a collared shirt and two-inch heels.  With jeans, I would wear a dressy shirt (one I would wear to my office job) and black or brown boots with a heel.  I would definitely keep my hair down as to not look too “proper” while dating black men. 

I imagine the guys would probably wear their best jeans with button down, collared shirts and dress shoes; they might even wear a pair of slacks and evening coats.  I am sure that most of the guys would be in their late twenties through late thirties, and a few men over forty would probably try to sneak in as well considering that Professionals in the City does not “pre-screen” Black Singles Dating Washington DC attendees.  Their policy is that you do not have to be a certain age to attend an event as long as you are interested in people who fall into the age category of the event.

Anyway, I imagine that most of the men would be black Christian singles with professional degrees, careers, and bank accounts to prove it.  I imagine that I would probably ask questions first during the 3-4 minute dates because that is the type of person I am.  I would probably ask what he liked to do in his spare time before I would ask what he did for a living, yet I would hold back the “how old are you” question.  After his response, I would try to prevent him from asking me anything by telling him how much I love to dance and attend live music performances and wine tasting events, and I am a children’s advocate lawyer.

I guess that 80% of the men I meet will probably be interesting enough to contact through the Mutual Match Dating System after the event.  If I break down the odds to the lowest percent of 50 people, I estimate that I will be mutually matched with about 4 guys.  Either way, I just hope one or two of them buy me a drink during the post-meeting mixing and mingling and that the Black Singles Dating Washington DC event is worth my $ 30.

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