How Singles Meet Washington DC Singles Every Night of the Week

Did you know that it is possible for Singles Meet Washington DC singles to have a different date every night of the week for an entire year?  This article breaks down the math and explains how.

It is a fact that the population of Washington DC is approximately 600,000 people.  It is also a fact that almost 50% of Washingtonians are single (300,000).  Let us go ahead and assume that half of those meet single people are men, and half of them are women (150,000 men, 150,000 women).

Now, if you attend one or two Singles Meet Washington DC events each week of the year, you will meet a little over 2500 singles in that year.  The way this figures up is that you attend, say, six events per month for twelve months (6*12=72), and you meet an average of 35 people at each event (72*35=2520).  Statistics show that out of every ten people you meet, you are likely to go on a date with at least one of them.  That is because 50% of them are not physically attractive to you (leaving 5), you are not physically and emotionally attractive to 50% of the rest (say that leaves 2 or 3), and chances are that an actual date with only one of them will end up working out (the ultimate 1).  So, that means that you will have about 252 dates by attending one or two speed dating events each month.

If you are wondering how you will meet single women for the other 113 days of the year, that is why you attend the New Year’s Eve Gala that Professionals in the City hosts each year.  Out of the 100,000 people who usually attend the Gala, about 50% of them are singles (50,000).  If you split that up by gender, you get 25,000.  Divide that by 5 to determine the number of people you are likely to meet during the event and you get 5,000.  If you only get the opportunity to meet a quarter of those people, and you get a date with 10% of them, you will get about 125 dates!

So, if you go to the New Years Eve Gala and one or two Singles Meet Washington DC speed dating events each night of the week for a year, you can have a date each night of the week.  This is carefully calculated to be true, and the numbers do not lie!

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