How To Book An All Inclusive Holiday

If you are going on vacations often, you are probably familiar with the newest hit on the market – the all inclusive holiday. If you are a beginner in the vacation deals – this is exactly what you are looking for. What it means is that your flight, taxi fares, food and drinks there are all included in the price package you pay. You do not have to pay for any of those when you get to your destination. Basically, this is the vacation dream of many, no matter if they are families with kids that want to have some free time on their hands, people with busy scheduled or large group of people. Here is how you book your vacation step by step:

1) Choose a type of vacation and destination – in the recession a lot of five star hotels are giving away great deals so they keep their business going, so you can actually find an exclusive resort for less money, one that in other circumstances is going to be very expensive. Set your mind on what type of vacation you are pursuing – an active, beach, ski holiday and start searching the available destinations.
2) Chose a departure airport – after you have done the most important research and decided where to go put in the system which airport is going to be most convenient for you and your family to leave from
3) Set a date for departure
4) Make up your mind on how many days you would like to spend in the resort
5) Book the necessary number of rooms and check how many children you are going to have with you, if any.

There are different activities available in the resort depending on where your all inclusive holiday is going to take place – there might be water sports included, hiking and so on. There are other types of vacations as well – ones for family fun, designed especially for people with kids, adult only vacations – where no kids are allowed, couples vacations – romantic setting and activities, or singles vacation – where you can meet other singles and have the time of your life; you may even meet your future husband or wife. After you chose the type start searching for available resorts – there are hotels all over the world these days, so you have a wide variety of destinations – winter, summer resorts, island resorts etc. If you choose a vacation package abroad check if the country of your choice has any visa requirements

You have everything you need for booking your dream vacation online –  with just the click of a button an the engine is going to give you the best results for that so much anticipated all inclusive holiday.

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Question by bird brainer: My boyfriend is vacationing for 2 weeks with a female friend in Thailand, he said I should trust him?
My boyfriend and I have been dating for four years now with no plans for marriage.

Recently he and a female friend of his whom he unsuccessfully tried to pursue back in college (he’s 28 now) are on a 2-week vacation (purely private and not business related) in Thailand. She is still single as far as I can tell, and he told me before they left that they are sharing the same hotel for convenience of meeting up. He tells me there is nothing between them, the trip is entirely innocent, and that him and I are still together. Given the fact that they both had to fly out of their respective countries to meet up in Thailand just to “vacation” together raised a red flag for me. So I told him I don’t believe him and now he is accusing me of not trusting him and is threatening to break up with me. But Is this even a matter of trust? Even if I trusted him I still think he disrespected me by going on the trip with who is basically his “ex” (he never got her to sleep with him in college, but he did try). I can tell he is trying to send me on a guilt trip for questioning his motives, but I can’t help but feel foolish for trusting him (I trusted him enough to let him go on but after some more thinking, what he is doing just doesn’t feel right). He emailed me for the first time today (he’s been gone for four days now) and still uses the “love” word at the end of his email, but despite his reassuring words, how come his actions seem so selfish?

IS this a trust issue? Should I be doubting him? I no longer know what to believe, my guts, or him. Please help.
Married people, please offer me your advice. Should I continue to trust him? He acts hurt that I don’t trust him, accuses me of being jealous and criticizes me for not giving him the freedom he deserves, but how come the whole thing just feels wrong to me??

Best answer:

Answer by Katie M
If it were my boyfriend he’d be my ex boyfriend. YOU should be in Thailand with him, not her. And even though I trust my husband more than most women trust their husbands, I’d still be pissed and insecure. You’re not overreacting.

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  • WifeandMom

    The sharing of a hotel room is a new addition to the same question you posted last week!

  • Eric L

    Yeah Trust him but be aware that he will come back with alot more sexual experience than when he left for the trip lol. What the heck do u think they are doing?

    wifeandmom above here LOL, good one LOL ha ha!

  • Jordan M

    Sweetie, you have asked this question multiple times now. Your boyfriend is rekindling his love for this girl. They are older now and she probably feels ready to have a relationship with him. They are vacationing together. You will be dumped when he returns.

  • Me

    Walk away. I can’t even believe you need any reassurances on that.

  • auftrit

    You posted this question last week. What was wrong with all of those answers?

  • Jen

    I do not think you are overreacting. I would have dumped my fiancee if he did that to me. He should have been going on vacation with you, not someone he used to want to date. Are they sharing a hotel room or just staying at the same one? Either way, I still don’t like it.

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