How To Handle Online Dating Fatigue?

Dating online with Chinese girls is fun, right? You meet loads of pretty girls, have new conversations…but it does not change the fact that “new” can get old pretty quickly, especially if nothing happens and you remain single even after months of dating. Sound familiar? You may just be suffering from dating fatigue.

While it is no disease, it can sure feel like one. You send out messages, catch the right girl’s eye and even get a yes from her. You chat, text, email, talk on the phone, and flirt, in short do everything to get the relationship on the road. But then, it just fizzles out and dies. Alternatively, it goes spectacularly wrong and you’re right where you started. It happens a few times and you just get tired of the whole thing.

Dating fatigue is as much about disappointment as it is about repetition. We all start a new relationship with a list of things we want from our Chinese girlfriend. Of course, this new girl is nothing of the sort but you compromise because you see a tiny spark of possibility. Eventually, that tiny spark just fizzles out plunging you in despair.

While it is not possible to take the element of disappointment completely out of online dating with Chinese girls, you can learn the ways to date without feeling hopeless and depressed.

It is important to keep your expectations realistic and not build false hopes every time you set up a date. If you don’t go into every date hoping to find your soul mate, you will be able relax and have fun, and get to know each woman you spend time with as a person – without constantly judging her as a potential soul mate.

By being relaxed, you not only become more resilient towards the process but also great dating partner. Your positive attitude towards Chinese girls you are dating will also make it a lot easier to build a real connection, the one that may result in a real relationship!

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