How to live in a yacht?

Question by JJ: How to live in a yacht?
Consider live in San Diego county, some marinas offer live on board, what is pro and con live in a yacht? What is your suggestion?

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Answer by Capt. John
I have lived on my boat for 14 years. I (obviously) love it.
However, I am a full-time live a-board cruiser. I average traveling about 9,000 miles a year – so I am never in one place for long.

I love “the travel”. If I could not travel, I would not be living on a boat.
Those of us that cruise – call the live a-boards that don’t go anywhere “Nowheres”.
I couldn’t stand living on a boat that goes no where – but that’s just me, as it is the travel adventure that I seek and yearn after. . .

Oh, it has it’s advantages. . . with a fully paid for vessel, a “Nowhere” can in fact be very “cheap” living. Certainly, it offers a fantastic waterfront view. In addition, you can see all the homes on the hill that people have paid millions extra for – just so they can see you down there on the water. So in that instance, you make a great contribution to the economy, even though you are spending little of nothing.

Living on a boat – you have no gutters to clean, no yard to mow, no weeds to pull, no leaves to rake, and the “honey do” list is very limited to that of living on land. Just yesterday morning, I took my fresh brewed morning coffee out on deck and sat down. In doing so, I had to move my rod & reel out of the way so I could set in my favorite chair. When I moved the rod, my lure dipped into the water – and SPLASH !!! After spilling my coffee and struggling to save my rod and reel – I ended up with a 4 lb Pompano – so I had a piece of him for breakfast, had a hunk of him for dinner – and still have most of him in my refrigerator. So, if you love the water, like to fish – all that goes on the “pro” side of things in a big, big way.

On the “con” side – you never have enough space for “stuff”. Every single purchase you make will be limited to – the space you have on your boat. . . and in your refrigerator. You have no basement or garage to store your toys, tools, or junk in. . . (and believe me – every live a-board boater cruising or not, misses that). In addition, there are times when your live a-board home will simply not be still. Some days, and some nights (even in the most protected of harbors and marinas) your vessel will rock and roll for hours and hours with seemingly no end in sight. This makes it very difficult for you to do any thing at all – and in some cases, it is even difficult to just stay in bed.

So – for me, it is all about “cruising” and living aboard. I am more then happy and willing to put up with all the “cons” for a sailing life at sea. But if I were unable to travel and live on my boat – I would not be living on my boat.

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  • adaviel

    pro: everything that Capt. John says
    con: having to go ashore every time to use the toilet, or else sailing round to the pumpout station every few days

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