How to Meet Jewish Singles Washington DC

If dating a Jewish man or woman is an absolute for you then Jewish Singles Washington DC has some helpful advice on how to find a mate.


The first thing you have to decide is what kind of Jewish observance you’re looking for in a man or woman. There are many difference types of Jews. Some are Reformed, Conservative or Orthodox and other types as well. Is it imperative that your partner eats a kosher diet or don’t you care about that? Many Jewish Singles are raised in one faith and either choose to stick to that faith or leave it. Either way it’s a decision that must be made.


Another way to meet Jews is to join your local Jewish Community Center. They most always have lots of activities including lectures, book clubs, and dances. Some community centers even have gyms and pools. Jewish Singles Washington DC suggests you join and see what it’s all about. You never know whom you’ll meet there.


Then there is always the online route. There are many jewish single site out there and while the more reputable ones charge a fee for joining, it’s a great way to go on one-on-one fun dates. If you do Jewish online dating you must make sure you’re safe. Never, ever give out your personal information. Let someone know where you’re going and when you’ll be home. Carry your cell at all times, and call when you leave the date and again when you get home. Women especially, can never be too safe. The great thing about online dating is that you are in control. If you don’t want a second date you don’t have to go or even contact that person again. Don’t worry about hurt feelings because by joining these sites you’re putting yourself out there and sometimes there is rejection.


Some other ways to meet Jewish men and women is by getting involved in your congregation.

Celebrate the High Holy Days, social events, and Sabbath services. The bottom line is that Jewish people are a minority. But Jewish Singles Washington DC doesn’t want you to think that way. Get involved in some of these activities and see what happens. We think you’ll find someone, but you have to keep trying and not give up after the first try!






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