How were you able to make it thru the JW’s meetings?

Question by shunned_JW: How were you able to make it thru the JW’s meetings?
Anyone else get bored to tears having to sit thru a witness meeting? I had to drink like 3 alcoholic beverages to make it thru a single meeting.

Between the liquor and the zoning out i was typically able to make it thru the meetings without falling asleep.

How did everyone else cope? … or are you still trapped in the vicious cycle of going?

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Answer by Sweater Kitteh
when they come to the door? I don’t go to the door.

When I’m at their offices? I don’t go to the door.

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4 comments to How were you able to make it thru the JW’s meetings?

  • geeksplosion

    Sounds like you were hoping to be entertained. If that’s the case a JW is not the place to be. I think you were looking for one og the those churches where they focus more on tickling your ears and impressing you with elaborate productions.

  • Rick G

    Well, I guess if you were not interested enough to prepare or to share, you should have stayed home with your drinks.

    I HAVE to take medications that makes me drowsy and I fight against that during the all the meetings. Fortunately, I appreciate the hard work of those sharing (most do not know that the meetings are about 50% audience participation, the rest are parts presented by various brothers with demonstrations, and talks) and those that prepared their parts. In fact, I will be leaving in about 45 minutes for our mid week meeting.

    So, your lack of interest and appreciation, shows that most likely you have never been there, or you have never bothered to become part of a congregation.

    Edited after looking up your full “handle”.

    You can’t be “shunned” if You didn’t decide that our live style was not for you, and that you want to be like Adam and Eve and choose your own course in life without God’s direction.

  • isnrblogdotcalm

    Coffee and No Doze. Booze puts me to sleep.

    Also, I did occasionally bring another book , usually a paperback that would hide in my Bible.

    The best way to handle the JW meetings is not to go.

  • taximom22

    That’s nothing. Have you ever tried to go through one of those meetings with four children all under the age of 7? If I caught 50% of what was being said, it was a successful venture. Looking back on that whole debacle, I realize now that I wasn’t missing anything important at all.

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