How would you feel and what would you do?

Question by Trespassers W. & Trigger H.: How would you feel and what would you do?
If you are in a committed relationship and the person you are with, goes to single sites on the web, just to meet “friends” and gives out their number. They tell you that nothing’s going to happen, nor are they going to find someone else. What would your response be?
The person I am with says “I am with you, no one else. If I wanted to replace you, I would have already done so” EXCUSE ME!!!! But there is a difference between cheating and replacing. I can’t say that cheating is involved though.

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Answer by Girl Interrupted
Do u think I am a fool ? Its OVER

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3 comments to How would you feel and what would you do?

  • Lo

    Well, first you should laugh at this person. Can’t they meet friends in reality? I mean can’t you guys meet new friends together? That’s odd to be going on dating sites specifically. I mean Facebook or whatever is a little more understandable. They might be up to something sneaky, and you can leave or play it cool. Whatever you do, do NOT let this get to you, it’s sooo not worth it. Not to sound mean, but it’s a bit pathetic of them.

  • Nerveana

    I’ve never been a fan of that whole “faithfulness” bollocks. If he or she slept with other men or women and was open about it with me I really couldn’t care less, but I’ve always been considered “the odd one out” in most situations, so take it for what it’s worth.

  • gaby_mcas

    I would definitely lose trust in them, I mean why would they go on a site to meet friends if im sure they have friends of their own in town..? I would sit down with them and ask them if there’s something going on that they find the need to go on a singles website and not facebook which is more convenient. Just talk it through communication is key dont assume to quikly

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