I think I’m cursed! Seriously you guys! Help?

Question by The BecaNATOR: I think I’m cursed! Seriously you guys! Help?
For the last 8 summers of my life…and I mean every single one…on “vacation” the cars or transportation vehicles have broken down. One time we had to sleep in the ditch on the Interstate. Another time we broke down in Lima Montana and had to spend 500 dollars to get the car fixed…then about 2 summers ago we broke down in Denver during the heat wave…its like everything that happens with cars is miserable. No A/C!!! Ever…and like, about 3 summers ago we had to ride a Greyhound from AZ To MT and it was crazy because that also broke down in Utah!! I was like wtf? It was a scary experience let me tell you. This summer we also broke down…twice! I mean am I cursed? Geez luizz. I’m like freaked out to go on a plane anywhere.

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Answer by ✩GeT sOmE!!!✩™ ~Meghana
marry a car mechanic

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