In the section “Singles & Dating”, has anyone else seen….??

Question by SlownEasy: In the section “Singles & Dating”, has anyone else seen….??
Someone on this site is going through EVERY singles & dating
RATING !!!! Who is doing this, and how can we stop this mad,
demented person?? If he or she doesn’t like this category,
they should just AVOID it altogether.!!!

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Answer by Gõldεn angεl
I really dont know and dont care if I get thumbs down..

pls thumb me down people~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>

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  • Super Kitten

    There are people that will do anything and they are probably just doing it to be a jerk or they might be a kid? Who knows? It might be ???? Don’t let it get to you, I don’t think that you get points taken away for it and surely yahoo can see that it is being done to all of them for some ones ignorance or pleasure whatever they are getting out of it?

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