Inexpensive mini-vacation for a newly single gal?

Question by * *: Inexpensive mini-vacation for a newly single gal?
I’ve gone through quite a bit this past year with work and relationships. Most recently relationships. It’s been really tough…especially this past week when everything has really hit me. Anyway…boo hoo…I finally came to the realization that what I need is to just get away…by myself…somewhere new. I’ve never in my entire life been on a “vacation”. I’ve traveled all over the world but it’s always been to visit family, for a wedding, work, etc…never just for leisure.

Any ideas of inexpensive places to go for just a few days? Just looking to maybe stay in a decent hotel…have a nice area close by to dine at…walk around…maybe a little shopping or museums. I’ve been to places like the Riverwalk in San Antonio and LOVE it. Would go there but my brother lives in the area and I’ll be obligated (and would want to) visit while I’m in town. I just want to get away to some place new where I don’t know anyone.

Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions!

I live in the midwest. Just looking for someplace I can drive or get a cheap flight to. Maybe a nice little “town” or smaller city. I’m a city girl so being in the city I can handle…being away in a small town would be nice too…but then again some locals don’t take kindly to new faces :o )

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Answer by RoofingPrincess
Why not hop on Travelocity or Southwest or some site and see what kind of last minute deals are being offered? That might spark your imagination/interest.
And have fun!!

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