Introduction to Organized Gay Dating Washington DC

I am so determined to introduce a friend to Gay Dating Washington DC.  He is hesitant because he thinks that it would be awkward.  He also thinks that the guys will be out of his age range and just not his type.  He could not be more wrong.

First of all, gay dating speed dating is set up to NOT be awkward.  Everyone there is gay, single, and looking for a partner.  It is different from a bar or party where you are not quite sure who is gay, single, and ready for a relationship.  Plus, there are so many people there, that there is no reason to fear rejection or feel as if you have to “reject” someone else.  It is just like a “Hey, how are you?” 3-4 minute meet and greet then move on to the next person type thing.  Afterward, if you end up not being interested in someone, you do not have to talk to or see them again.  If you are interested in them, buy them a drink, and message them on the Mutual Match dating system later on.

I explained to my friend that he should not be concerned with age differences either because Professionals in the City organizes speed dating for all ages.  Since he is interested in guys in their 20′s, he should attend a Twentysomethings or Ages 22-33 Gay Dating Washington DC event and stay away from the 33-44 and 35+ ones.  It is just that simple.

Professionals in the City also has similar-interest events for gay singles, so he can meet guys who enjoy the same hobbies as he does.  They have everything from wine tasting for gay professionals to horseback riding for single gay men, and so much more.

I suggested that he should go on the Gay Dating Washington DC cruise for single gay men this summer.  They are going to Jamaica, and that is his dream vacation destination.  I think it will be a great opportunity for him to get away for a few days and have a good time.  They will be having a speed dating event on the way home on the cruise, so he will even be able to dip his toes in that water as well.  Who knows– he just might meet the love of his life!

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