Is there a single use camera that comes with processing included?

Question by : Is there a single use camera that comes with processing included?
We want to give them as gifts for our vacationing friends, but don’t want them to have to pay for processing.

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Answer by Nick P
Interesting question! when I googled single use camera with processing included, I found your question stated again.
At first I thought I would included a card stating that if they brought the camera to such an such place, free processing would be included. And you could arrange to pay for all the processing of the cameras presented with your special card attached. But I just had a friend pop in telling me a friend of his gave him a project, which he promised to do, but hadn’t got around to it.That was six months ago!

So what I would do is attach that same card to the camera but only having them fill out their name on the card. Then instruct your vacationing friends to give the cameras back to you at the end of the vacation. Then you can have the processing done and pay for it all at once.

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