Is there any actual benefit to dating in highschool?

Question by Wade: Is there any actual benefit to dating in highschool?
I’m a male sophomore in highschool and haven’t had a single date in my life yet. However, this really doesn’t bother me that much, even with all the hoopla about how great the dating scene is. It doesn’t bother because I feel fine with the few friends I have and the general social interaction from school in general. So my question is to you, people who have had gf’s/bf’s, should I try to get a girlfriend or is it not worth the effort? Do the positives outweigh the negatives on a scale?

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2 comments to Is there any actual benefit to dating in highschool?

  • :)

    Yes you should. Look, you aren’t going to be “together forever” but it will help you practice and learn how a girl works, and how to treat her.

  • Arielle

    Every experience you go through, whether it is positive or negative, is worthwhile. Why? Because from every relationship and its break-up teaches you more about the person you are, how to treat someone, learn about others/the opposite sex, experience new emotions and exploring the physical side, and generally helps you grow as a person as you make mistakes in relationships and learn from them.

    Each time you enter and exit a relationship, you narrow down what (and what kind of person) makes you happy. This will be true for relationships you have throughout your lifetime, not just high school. As for high school relationships.. I just graduated from high school, and I had two boyfriends in my last 2 senior years. From what I’ve been through, high school relationships are generally immature. They’re not quite the real thing yet, true love. The two guys I went out with were not at the maturity level I believe I was. Obviously there were problems. I struggled with personal problems like finding the strength to let them go when I wasn’t being treated right. Does that mean I regretted having high school relationships? Nope! I had some really nice, romantic times and if I hadn’t gone out with one, I wouldn’t know the signs of a player. I would be none the wiser.

    Anyway, don’t just feel like you’re going to avoid relationships just because they sometimes have negatives. It is the good times and what you get out of it in the end that makes it worthwhile. An advantage I may mention is that you will have more experience with girls and how to treat them now and by the time you leave high school and maybe go to college.

    You find the odd couple in high school who stay together for a few years, but they are in the minority. Most do not last. I think this is because teens lack the maturity for an adult relationship. They are just starting out with romantic relationships, and still learning how to treat another person in a relationship, and they lack experience with how to act, the knowledge regarding how they are feeling (emotions and hormones) and how to control them.

    But does this mean it’s not worth the effort? Personally I don’t think so. Like I said at the start, it’ll be an experience. If you get in a relationship with a girl you really like, who likes you, then hopefully you’ll enjoy some good times together. With relationships, there is always the risk of getting hurt and of course breaking up, plus the things that can go wrong. I could list a lot of good things about being in a relationship, and a lot of bad things, but either way, it depends on the relationship and the people involved themselves. You could end up lasting and having an amazing, worthwhile relationship. Or you may only last 2 weeks and there could be cheating and lying happening. There’s no way in knowing exactly what your relationships are going to be like, and this is why I think it is a good experience – because you LEARN. You’ll have more experience in choosing a partner and finding out what makes you happy.

    By the way, don’t just try to get *any* girlfriend – find a girl you really like first if you like.
    It’s not about the positives outweighing the negatives, it’s about having a learning and hopefully fun experience with another person to enrich your life.
    So I say, if you get a relationship opportunity with a girl you like – go for it, and see how it goes. It is worth it in the end, even in high school, because you learn and it helps you grow as a person, and make some awesome memories. Just be with people who make you happy. Take care. :)

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