Is this true that you need 2000$ to fly out of russia?

Question by delphine c: Is this true that you need 2000$ to fly out of russia?
I will pick her up at the air port and she will have a place to stay as long as she may want.I will help her get a job or what ever she want,s.

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Answer by groundbrandon
Yes, this sound about right tickets in and out of Russia are expensive……1,000 – 5,000 range

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  • amyg11ca

    You don’t need $ 2000 to fly out of Russia. A roundtrip airline ticket on Delta from Moscow to the U.S. will range anywhere from $ 1200 on up, depending on the dates. She cannot remove Russian rubles from the country.

  • Schmegicky

    Schmegicky smells a rat!

    Facts: Delphine talks about picking up a Russian? girl at the airport. He says that she can stay as long as she wants. (what about visa rules?) He also says that he will help her get a job. (again, work on what type of visa?)

    Delphine, Did you meet some “girl” on the Internet and she told you that she will come visit you if you send her this money first?

    This is one of the oldest Internet scam in the book as concerns Russia.

    You should know that it is far easier to make an obese cow fly in figure-eights than it is for a young woman of limited means to be accepted by the Moscow visa section at the embassy to get a tourist visa to come visit the US.

    I sincerely hope that you did not send this thief your hard earned money. If you did, it is most certainly gone and there is no way for you to ever get it back.

    I hope that you read this before you actually send money.

    ~Mr. Schmegicky
    Class of ’94; Mockba

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