Jewish Singles Wahsington DC Gadgets of the Year

Years ago, certain Jewish Singles Washington DC technologies were unheard of.  Cell phones, internet, computers, iPods, wireless hotspots, Nooks….  Those things never existed until just recently.

Jewish single women were the inventors of these gadgets.  These women were made to stay at home all day and take care of kids while their husbands went out into the world to work.  These women were not having it.  They were sick of being cooped up in the house all the time with no one to talk to and nothing to do.  Cooking and cleaning had become boring, so they decided to invent things.

The first Jewish Singles Washington DC technology that was invented came out of the small cabin of Mrs. Isaac Horsley.  Mrs. Horsley wanted to be able to get cleaning tips, new recipes, and ideas for children’s activities from her neighbors, but she knew she was not allowed to leave her house.  She knew that the washboards in every home were made of iron and that iron can send radio waves.  One day, when her husband left for work, Mrs. Horsley decided to figure out a way to transfer radio sound waves to other washboards in the community.  Two weeks later, with pieces of scrap iron she had sent her children to dig up from the back yard, this brilliant woman had made the first cellular phone.

From then on, Jewish single mothers all around began using cell phones.  Mrs. Horsley’s invention inspired other women to create new gizmos to entertain themselves while their husbands were at work.  They had their children play music for them to record on their iPhones and share with other families.  Soon, the books that mothers had written could be shared via the internet, on Nooks, iPads, and computers all around.

Thanks to the invention of Mrs.

Horsley and the inspiration it caused, we can now communicate with other Jewish Singles Washington DC without even leaving our seats.  So, the next time you purchase the latest hot trending piece of iron, remember who you have to thank!  If it were not for lonely, bored Mrs. Isaac Horsley, we would not have any of the neat technological advancements that we do today.

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