Karoo vacation and spiritual excursions

Traditionally, people today seeking out spiritual upliftment travel to a single getaway, be it a Buddhist monastery high in the hills of Tibet, a healing lodge in an English forest or a yoga centre in Thailand. The journey, both physical and spiritual, is confined to a single place and purpose where structured daily activities guide the process.

A combination of mainstream tourism and spiritual retreats

Tours to the depths of the Karoo desert in South Africa effectively blend mainstream tourism with the ambience and efficacy of traditional spiritual retreats.

Guests are guided to different desert destinations which gradually become more and more secluded, ending in a secretive valley where there has been little to no development over the centuries, creating a spectacular natural retreat.

Instead of concentrating on the spiritual aspect alone, travel to the Karoo combines a host of interesting, regional-specific attractions.

Fossil land

For one, the Karoo is a significant fossil site, with an estimated 800 billion fossils submerged in the strata of this ancient land. Dinosaurs and reptiles from the dawn of time once marched through this remote desert and palaeontologists have been well rewarded with fantastic fossils finds.

Karoo travel often includes lectures by resident experts who provide an insight into the fossil-rich desert.

The domain of the Bushmen

Vivid examples of well preserved rock art bear testimony to the fact that the Karoo was once the domain of the Bushmen, small groups of indigenous hunter-gatherers who had an intuitive knowledge of nature and its remarkable healing qualities, both physical and spiritual.

A retreat to the Karoo can shed light on these ancient Stone Age people who still live deep in the Kalahari Desert and who manage to sustain themselves in a hostile natural environment.

It is possible to venture a little from the beaten track and get a peek at the naive etchings of these soft people that have been completely safeguarded by the dry desert climate.

Magnificent star gazing

As with all world deserts, the Karoo is a vast, lonely land that has not been overly affected by development or commercialisation.

Aside from the infrequent, quintessential Karoo village and solitary farm properties that are well spread out, there is little artificial light to spoil the extraordinary impact of the night heavens, and star-gazing is a favourite Karoo activity never to be missed!

Book a spiritual Karoo vacation retreat in South Africa

When selecting a spiritual getaway in South Africa, why don’t you combine Karoo travel to charming desert locations with the healing qualities of nature?

Explore the possibility of combining Karoo travel with a spiritual retreat online where you can learn more about spiritual wellness holidays in South Africa.

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